Adven Finland

ADVEN's Finnish operations were launched in 1982 as a part of Neste Oy. In 1985, the heating operations were separated into Neste Lämpö Oy. In the Neste-IVO merger, the growing operations were integrated into Fortum as a part of their Heat division, where they continued to grow and develop into an even stronger supplier of comprehensive tailored energy solutions. In early 2012, Fortum sold the business, then operating under the name Fortum Energiaratkaisut, to EQT Infrastructure Fund.

Adven Sweden

Adven started its business operations in Sweden in 2014. Adven`s tailored heating and cooling solutions are entirely based on renewable technologies, such as geothermal heat as well as solar- and bio energy. The company supplies locally produced and cost-efficient heating and coolig for real estates and municipality owned properties.

Adven Estonia

Adven's Estonian operations began in 1991 as regional heat suppliers joined to form Termest As._Fortum bought the company in 2000, naming it Fortum Termest As. The company continued successful operations under Fortum's ownership until the beginning of 2012, when it was sold to EQT Infrastructure Fund together with the Finnish operations.

In April 2012, the Finnish and Estonian operations joined forces to create Adven. The leading provider of tailored energy solutions in Finland and Estonia was born. Since January 2016, Adven is owned by AMP Capital and Infracapital


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