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Green, predictable and value-boosting – geoenergy in a shopping centre

With geoenergy, a shopping centre’s energy costs are predictable; geoenergy is also green and sustainable and raises the value of the property.

Geoenergy is a viable solution for many shopping centres, both new and existing ones. In newly built sites, the geoenergy field is often drilled directly under the shopping centre even before the shopping centre’s structural elements are erected. For existing shopping centres, the geoenergy solution is usually built under parking areas or in garages.

“Geoenergy is particularly well-suited to shopping centres due to their high energy requirements. Both heating and cooling consume considerable energy, which further underscores the importance of the solution’s environmental soundness,” says Adven’s Timo Koljonen, VP, Geoenergy, Finland. With their high number of visitors, shopping centres must also have ventilation that complies with building codes.

Construction takes 3–6 months

Depending on the scale of the project, building a geoenergy system can take from three to six months, and for newly built sites, the schedule is determined by the construction of the new site. Building a geoenergy system does not disturb the shopping centre’s operations; it can be built in stages, thus having minimum impact on the shopping centre’s business operations.

For the coldest days of the year, a back-up energy solution is also always available. “As in the Nordics we typically have only around 20 extremely cold days a year, it’s not usually worth it to dig extra geowells for them. District heating, for example, is a good source of back-up energy,” says Koljonen.

Adven’s investment

A geoenergy system is Adven’s investment and the customer pays only for the energy.

“We don’t sell equipment – we take care of the overall investment, covering all responsibilities, and we provide energy as a service. In practice, we develop energy structures, including geoenergy wells and energy centres, for customers’ properties, and we draw up an energy delivery agreement with them,” explains Koljonen.

Geoenergy is a solution for the future. Contact us and find out if a geoenergy solution is right for your shopping centre!

Timo Koljonen
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