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Terrafame will recover excess energy of its hydrogen plants - technology is used in a new way

News 2020-01-13

Terrafame starts to produce process steam by utilizing excess energy streams of its hydrogen plants. In the past, the similar technology has been utilized, for example in power…

The most interesting articles of 2019 – Savings, circular economy and low-carbon energy production at the top

News 2019-12-19

Are you wondering how to save money on energy production or in wastewater treatment, how to meet growing environmental demands or how to generate additional revenue from industrial…

Strict regulations for the food and beverage industry require complex solutions

News 2019-12-09

In terms of water usage, the food and beverage industry is heavily regulated compared to other industries. The Swedish Food Federation (Livsmedelsföretagen) has now included a new…

Circular economy can bring major cost savings to the water and energy-intensive forest industry

Article 2019-11-11

The pulp and paper industry is very energy-intensive and consumes high volumes of water. The industry would therefore gain considerable benefits from more efficient water and…

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