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Adven’s head office moves into new, carbon-neutral premises

News 2019-09-26

In early October Adven’s head office, which is based in Vantaa, Finland, will move into brand new, carbon-neutral premises in terms of energy consumption. More space is needed…

Valio is curbing its use of oil and peat – bio-based fuels will cut emissions by 17,000 tonnes a year

News 2019-09-23

Adven is delivering an entirely new boiler plant to Valio’s Seinäjoki plant, bringing an additional four megawatts of power. The new bio boiler plant will reduce the plant’s use of…

Kotkamills to boost chemical recycling – new solution to reduce environmental load by thousands of tonnes

News 2019-08-13

Paper and board mill Kotkamills will adopt a closed-cycle solution to boost chemical recovery. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater treatment plant will fall by around 20…

Adven’s geoenergy service brings 20% savings in Vanajanlinna’s properties

Article 2019-08-08

Vanajanlinna is a popular hotel, event venue and golf resort in the south of Finland. Since last year, its buildings have been heated and cooled using geoenergy instead of natural…

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