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Adven's evaporation service improves Kotkamills energy efficiency significantly


Finnish forestry industry company Kotkamills has chosen Adven as a partner for producing evaporation services at its production unit in Kotka. At this unit Kotkamills'…

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Determined efforts result in 37% smaller carbon footprint


Adven has systematically lowered the emissions of its plants since the start of the 2000s. As a result of systematic development work carried out last year, the carbon footprint…

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Geoenergy increases the appeal of luxury holiday destinations


Green values and sustainability are rising trends in the hotel and tourism industry. For hotels that use clean heating, geoenergy is not just a selling point for customers, it is…

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Lapti’s Kuopion Portti will be fully carbon neutral


Construction work on Kuopio’s future landmark, Kuopion Portti (Gate of Kuopio), will start in June and will soon be followed by the drilling of geowells. Adven will implement an…

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