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In the town of Hanko, Adven’s climate-friendly energy solutions benefit businesses and homes alike.


The town of Hanko, at the southern tip of Finland, is home to a cluster of process steam and heating plants operated by Adven. The plants' close proximity to each other provides…

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We are seeking for Analyst / Associate to work with M&A


Are you a professional in Mergers and Acquisitions, and you have the drive and energy to develop your own competences and business as well? Are you looking for a responsible and…

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Laholm's largest industry becomes 100% fossil free with Adven


Swedish core composite manufacturer Diab AB has signed an agreement for the supply of hot water and heat with Adven. By switching to biofuel, Diab's production facility in Laholm…

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Remote monitoring of production plant automation enables cost-effective and eco-friendly energy production


Adven’s Automation Manager, Olli Takala, is in charge of the electrical automation systems that keep Adven’s production plants up and running and ensure consistent energy…

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