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63% smaller carbon footprint in Adven’s district heating networks

News 2018-12-11

We have systematically lowered the emissions of our district heating production since the start of the 2000s. Last year the carbon footprint has decreased in Adven Finland’s…

The energy sector has the potential to change the world – and to make it more equal

Article 2018-12-04

Boys play wild games where the world is saved from destruction. Girls with insight are no different – they are also poised to save the world. This has been Maisa Kalliokoski’s goal…

Implementing an energy solution as a five-star service

Blog 2018-11-15

Implementing an energy solution is always a major project. Adven provides its energy and water solutions as a service, placing no burden on the customer’s organization or balance…

Avoid energy solutions that bring no business benefits

Blog 2018-10-18

How can you ensure future growth and competitiveness for your business? The first things that come to mind are usually investments in core processes, increasing the efficiency of…

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