Billing information


We will accept invoices electronically as e-invoices.

  • EDI/OVT identifier: 003723795985
  • Operator identifier: 003721291126 (Maventa Oy)
  • Member ID sending through banking network: DABAFIHH 

Please add a reference person to the invoice for processing purposes.

Paper and email invoices

If you do not have the possibility to send e-invoices, we ask you to send purchase invoices to the following address:

  • Adven Oy, 23795985, VAT FI23795985,  P.O. Box 100, 80020 Kollektor Scan 
  • OR by email:

NOTE! The whole address with the serial number must be indicated on the invoice. Marking it on the envelope alone is not sufficient. If the address field of the invoice does not include the aforementioned serial number, the invoice will not be processed and it will be returned to the sender by post.

Adven's paper district heating invoice can be replaced with an e-invoice, which is an invoice in electronic form. You can agree on e-invoicing with your bank.