Board of Directors


Phil Pacey and Paul Whittaker missing from the photo.

Phil Pacey and Paul Whittaker missing from the photo




Esko Aho, Chairman

Member of the Board since 2018. M.Sc. (Political Science). Board professional.

Primary working experience: Esko Aho, who served as Finland's Prime Minister in 1991-1995, has worked alongside political and governmental responsibilities in various business executive positions. He has been a Member of the Board of Directors in several companies, including Fortum and Terveystalo. In addition, Esko Aho has served as an advisor to many international companies and has several Presidencies in groups issuing international and national evaluations. Esko Aho holds the Aalto University Executive in Residence role and was Senior Fellow at Harvard University 2012-2014.

Other positions of trust: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cinia Oy and East Office of Finnish Industries. Member of the Board of Sberbank and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).



Georgina Dellacha

Member of the Board since 2016. Law degree from Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires and an MIA in International Business from Columbia University in New York. Asset Management Associate Director, Infracapital.

Primary working experience: Before joining Infracapital, Georgina spent three years in the Business Development division of GMR Infrastructure, one of the largest infrastructure investors in India focusing on airports and power generation opportunities. Georgina also worked for The World Bank in Washington DC advising governments on how to promote private sector investment in infrastructure services.

Other positions of trust: Director of Eteck Energie (NL) and Wighfibre Ltd (UK).



Jan Svärd

Member of the Board since 2017. M.Sc. (Engineering/Industrial Management). CEO of EasyMining, Owner of Gladium AB.

Primary working experience: Jan has more than 30 years of international management experience in the Specialty Chemicals industry. He is a former Director of AkzoNobel and President of Eka Chemicals. In addition to operational positions, Jan is an active Chairman and board member of several medium sized companies, with a focus on the process industry. 

Other positions of trust: CEO of EasyMining, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BioInnovation, Member of the Board of IKEM, Biopetrolia AB, Swedish Algae Factory AB and BIM Kemi.



Simon Cocks

Member of the Board since 2019. BA(Hons) Economics and Business Studies, HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma - Insead and Wharton. Industry Advisor, Infracapital.

Primary working experience: Simon has served as CEO of Affinity Water and Managing Director of Severn Trent.

Other positions of trust: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Water Resources South East (WRSE) and Member of The Supervisory Board at Thyssengas GmbH.


Paul Whittaker

Member of the Board since 2016. MBA, MA (Natural Sciences). Board professional and consultant. 

Primary working experience: Paul had a long career with British Gas plc and National Grid plc. He ended his executive career as U.K. Director of Regulation at National Grid, sitting on the boards of the two main U.K. operating companies - National Grid Electricity Transmission and National Grid Gas.

Other positions of trust: Independent non-executive Director at Anglian Water Services plc, a Senior Advisor at AMP Capital and an Associate at Oxera LLP - an economic consultancy.


Phil Pacey

Member of the Board since 2017. Qualified Accountant. Principal, AMP Capital.

Primary working experience: Before joining AMP Capital in 2016 as a Principal in the Infrastructure Equity team, Phil has made an impressive finance and operational career in various key roles, mainly in transportation and infrastructure industries. He also has served on several boards during the last 20 years and ran his own advisory company.

Other positions of trust: Board member of Esvagt AS in Denmark and Axion Communications in Spain.