Sustainability and
social responsibility are cornerstones of our operations

We are committed to systematically and continuously reducing environmental and safety risks as well as environmental impacts of our operations. We want to develop our operations and the security of our operations both from the perspective of people and the environment.

Environmental and Safety -thinking

Environmental thinking is an integral part of our everyday operations. At Adven, we believe in sustainability and are working towards being the leading provider of energy production applications with low environmental impacts. We constantly develop ways of utilising biofuels, waste materials and waste heat, and invest in their more efficient use. We enable our customers to adopt advanced energy technologies without the investment cost. We provide cost-efficient service and solutions, saving money for our customers.

The high quality of operations and constant improvements guarantee that the customer's number one objective – reliability – is achieved.

We never compromise the safety of our employees or the environment and society around us and we want to ensure the smoothness of energy production to our customers through safe operation. 

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Health and Safety Policy


Quality, safety and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in all our operations. Our operations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia are certified by a number of ISO and local certificates. Please take a closer look at the certificates on our local pages.






Adven’s Baltic Sea Commitment

One of the Baltic Sea’s biggest problems is eutrophication, which is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. Adven has made a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group to curb the nutrients that end up in the Baltic Sea by implementing and developing nutrient recovery in industry.

Adven’s operations include processing the water used in industrial processes and recovering the nutrients it contains, and re-using the nutrients, for example, as fertilizer in fields. Through the commitment, Adven pledges to learn more about the latest nutrient-recovery methods and technical solutions and additionally aims to adopt the latest water purification technology.

We would also like to invite industrial companies to join in: through service concepts implemented for them, nitrogen and phosphorous that previously ended up in the Baltic Sea will be captured and re-used!