Adven Recovery – Strong expert partnership  

Adven Recovery offers solutions promoting the circular economy for industrial instances using large volumes of water. The use of steam can be reduced by close to 40%, the amount of slurry to be spread can be reduced by as much as 90%, and the oat husk generated as a by-product of production can be used for energy.

We take a holistic approach to our customers’ production process, opening up new opportunities to significantly improve their energy and water efficiency. 

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Challenges with water and energy efficiency? Take a look at the potential recovery solutions for forest and pulp and paper industries!

Thermal energy recovery

Enhancing industry’s energy use also boosts the competitiveness of production plants. Adven’s circular economy experts customize solutions to improve energy efficiency. Efficient recovery of thermal energy offers clear cost savings and promotes sustainable values.


Closed water cycles with raw material recovery

For industrial players, making better use of water is an important driver of profitability and sustainability. Adven helps companies to identify and manage water risks and to reuse their water.

Industrial processes also generate high volumes of usable raw material that can be processed into a valuable resource. Through raw-material recovery, Adven can help your company build cost savings and even new business.

On-site wastewater processing and biogas

More and more companies are considering new ways of processing their wastewater. Reject-water treatment is a typical challenge also in biogas plants. Adven offers sustainable wastewater treatment solutions that provide safety and predictability.


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