Sustainable competitiveness for your needs

We do this by offering closed cycles and all inclusive fluid processing by running technical units that are designed, built, owned and operated by Adven against a fixed price long term partnership contract. We offer sustainable competitiveness as our clients gain in cost savings, risk reduction and image improvement, both in economic and environmental aspects.


Are you aware of your company’s water risks? 

Industrial waste waters often contain valuable raw materials such as minerals or organic material. Also a big share of thermal energy originating from steam use, hot water use or cooling ends up in waste water streams that carry all these valuables out of the industrial site. The water, materials and energies can however be recovered when concentrated or separated from the waste water. By doing this, waste water is no longer produced, which saves the ecosystem and above all - a lot of money. The water separated from waste water can be treated cost efficiently and reused on site as hot or cold industrial process water or even tab water that meets high food industry water purity standards or drinking water standards.

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Reduce your carbon footprint and energy efficiency. With Adven it's easy.

We improve our clients overall energy economy with
sustainable energy solutions. 



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