Planning and conceptualizing a Recovery solution

Examining the industrial process, is the key factor for making a successful energy and water recovery solution. Usually synergies can be found when the energy and water solutions are designed together.

The tailored solutions for the specific cases of different industrial fields can be compiled from different unit processes. The technology of these unit processes is usually well known and tested but the combination of the processes at the most beneficial way must be designed carefully. The concept of a recovery solution is always case-specific and therefore in many cases piloting studies are required to find the best combination and the right process and operation parameters.

Adven’s holistic approach where the water and energy solutions are studied together and even combined with material recycling enables the best outcome of a recovery project. Case-specific and solution focused concept planning takes into account the characteristics of every customer.

We trust in a partnership model where the best up-to-date recovery solutions are found together with the client. Furthermore, by mastering the whole chain from concept development to project execution and secure operation, we bring value for our customers by reduced costs and environmental impacts helping customers to reach the leading position of their field.

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Conceptualizing a Recovery solution


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