The Best Solutions Possible - Without Technology or Fuel Limitations

Adven's Product Manager Terho Saaristo and his colleagues seek to enhance their customers’ processes, for example, through biological treatment methods, energy-efficient evaporation methods and film technologies.

"For example, a holistic approach to advanced water purification, heat recovery and energy production can uncover synergies that would not be realized in an optimal way if these matters were dealt with separately. We also have a flexible approach when it comes to fuel choices,” explains Saaristo.

Expert involvement from the very start

Saaristo is involved in new projects right from the initial meeting.

“I take part in the discussions as early as possible, which gives me immediate insight into whether I can find areas that can be optimised in the customer’s process.

"Although calculating mass and energy balances is a key matter in concept development, the calculation always includes a financial aspect: what kind of solutions will bring the best business benefits to our customers,” he points out.

Technological independence helps to find the best solution for the customer

As an expert company, Adven does not represent any specific technologies that would limit the range of solutions offered to their customers. Saaristo and other experts keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, and look at the customer's process with a holistic, open-minded approach.

“We don’t represent a specific technology; instead, we realize complete solutions optimized to the customer’s process, making extensive use of a range of proven technologies", says Saaristo.

"We aim to examine the overall process as broadly as possible, which allows us to achieve the greatest possible benefits for our customers by integrating the various sub-areas."

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Full range of solutions on hand – to best serve the customer