Food industry seeks new ways in liquid evaporation

Industrial processes generate various by-products and waste-waters, and their treatment currently is rather difficult and quite expensive. When liquids are sorted-out from the waste-water or by-product, valuable raw materials often remain. Water and energy company Adven anticipates that in the future, various kinds of by-products are even more efficiently processed and reused by many companies. Honkajoki Oy, recycler of animal-based raw materials, is currently developing its production lines with evaporation in an essential role.

Honkajoki Oy, located in the south-western Finland, manages by-products as their business, and now strengthens its processes by investing in the new production lines, that are taken in use step-by-step by the summer 2017. This development project, worth 10 million euros, increases Honkajoki Oy’s capacity by 50 per cent and enables higher production efficiency for the company.

Adven will realize evaporation as a service for Honkajoki Oy, where the excess liquids are evaporated from the raw material and the remaining protein is refined as nutrition for fish and pets. Originally Honkajoki Oy pondered the option to evaporate the liquids by utilizing the low-pressure steam from their own processes, but this would have meant yet another own investment in their production. Alternative solution provided an additional benefit of heating the close by greenhouses, which would not have been the case with low-pressure steam option.  

Honkajoki Oy chose Adven to realize the liquid evaporation as a service, as a part of their production, where Honkajoki operates its other process equipment themselves. Honkajoki Oy did not have to invest in the evaporation, as Adven owns and operates the system with all liabilities.  

  • In our industry this is a new business model. We get a clear advantage by having a partner that carries both technological and financial risks. Adven is a partner that we knew from before and we have good experiences from them from our earlier heating cooperation, says Managing Director Kari Valkosalo at Honkajoki Oy.

New in Finland

Honkajoki’s production process is unique as it will be the first evaporation as a service concept realized within food industry in Finland. New MVR-evaporation is expected to bring remarkable savings in Honkajoki’s energy efficiency, as the new liquid processing is highly more energy efficient than other options currently available in Finland.   

  •  We have closely studied how companies utilize the industrial by-products. During this project we also visited similar reference sites in Denmark and made laboratory tests in order to prove the results. This is an excellent demonstration of how valuable raw materials, lying in waste-waters can cost-efficiently be captured for reuse by utilizing modern technologies, says Sales Manager Jussi Rinttilä at Adven.