Full range of solutions on hand – to best serve the customer

Adven’s Product Manager Terho Saaristo designs solutions for customers to boost their energy and water processes, without any of the limits imposed by technology, equipment or fuel choices.

Product Manager Terho Saaristo works in the Recovery business area’s Concept Development group as a technical sales expert. His task is to develop technical solutions that lower companies’ emissions or losses, improve their energy efficiency and create business benefits for the customer.

Process-enhancing solutions that benefit everyone

Saaristo’s job profile covers all concept planning stages. Listening to the customer and understanding the customer’s processes and business are crucial. The best solutions are sought hand in hand with the customer.

“We have been able to create such close partnerships with our customers that we can discuss important development needs quite openly. Trust must always be earned,” stresses Saaristo.

The development work often starts with a single concrete problem. But in addition to solving the problem, Adven's experts can often bring a new, value-adding solution to the table.

“In concept development, we define the overall technical concept and the related investment and operating costs. These form the basis for the complete service offered to the customer, whereby Adven carries out the investment in the plant and the construction project, runs the plant and assumes full responsibility for operating the plant.” 


Few seek only cost savings – ecological sustainability increasingly important

According to Saaristo, few customers seek cost savings alone. Other important considerations are reliability of energy supply and the freeing up of customers’ resources so that they can focus on developing their core business. Ecological sustainability is also becoming more and more important.

“Added value arises from, among other things, bringing something new or something that might not have been thought of before to the customer’s overall process."

"A good example of this is a solution realised for Finnfeeds Finland Oy, a subsidiary of the DuPont Group, whereby we decided, together with the customer, to abandon traditional steam delivery in favour of an energy-efficient evaporation service for the company’s production plant in Naantali, southwestern Finland,” recounts Saaristo.

Adven’s investment and service model opens up entirely new opportunities for customers to develop their processes.

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