Evaporation brings clear cost savings and lowers emissions

  With advanced evaporation solutions, industrial steam consumption can be significantly reduced – by as much as 40%. For our customers, this means clear cost savings, lower carbon dioxide emissions and a better image.

We chose Adven as our partner, because they seem strongly motivated to do things the way we want to. In the future we will be self-sufficient when it comes to fuel sourcing. Our cost-effectiveness will improve, and our domestic content rate will grow substantially. This will bring clear added value to our customers.
Jarno Erkamaa Plant Manager Hankkija Turku

Renewable fuel as a by-product of production

To take an example, by-products generated in food industry production or in agricultural products manufacturing can be used to produce heat and steam. Improved self-sufficiency leads to greater cost-effectiveness and a higher degree of domestic origin.

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