”Growth and development”

Adven is a rapidly growing and constantly evolving company. Adven employs over 300 energy professionals in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. We are constantly looking for both technical and commercial professionals as well as future talents to grow with the company.

We are looking for developers, optimizers and propeller heads; people: who want to better all the time, and improve our processes continuously. It requires enthusiasm and creativity, but also perseverance and result orientation.

“Taking our clients forward”

Every Advenian works for the customer's success, regardless whether their role entails working directly with the customer. We are a forerunner in the energy sector, whose solutions do not depend on suppliers, technologies or fuels. We are always looking for progressive and functional solutions that best suits the customer's process and situation. We provide all of this as a service: customers do not need to invest in the energy solution and the capital is released for the development of their own core business.

At the core of Adven’s business and our primary goal is the security of supply at our plants. Uninterrupted and smooth delivery of energy service is critical to our customer's production. At Adven we have in every way “Intelligent Operations”: we automate routine processes, use remote monitoring of our plants, educate our staff, and optimize our systems continuously. Our experts keep themselves also constantly up to date of the laws and regulations and are aware of the related requirements.

”With us, you don’t stand still”

Every Advenian is an investment for our company - one, whose value we intend to grow. We want to make sure that your expertise is constantly evolving. Goal-oriented attitude towards work brings Advenians together. We encourage internal entrepreneurship and believe in our employees. The trust brings both freedom and responsibility. Advenians have the courage to try and learn.


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Our Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa: "What gets me fired up about Adven is that it's really eco-conscious. Adven also gives people a lot of responsibility for their own actions. It means you can contribute with your own work in reducing CO2 emissions.”



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