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At Adven you get a chance to develop the company and grow with it. As an employee, you can genuinely influence your own work and personal development. We want to make sure that you can develop your expertise with the company. We are helping each other succeed. We share the challenges and support each other in overcoming them. Help is always available, and it is easy to ask advice from highly skilled colleagues.

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Our Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa: "What gets me fired up about Adven is that it's really eco-conscious. Adven also gives people a lot of responsibility for their own actions. It means you can contribute with your own work in reducing CO2 emissions.”


"Boys play wild games where the world is saved from destruction. Girls with insight are no different – they are also poised to save the world." Three advenians tell about how they got interested in working in the energy sector where they can now make a difference.

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