A passion for energy and finance keeps me going

I hold true the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. My father spent his entire life in the energy sector. By the time I was in the 7th grade, I knew that I wanted to follow the same path. Along the way in my career I have combined my two passions – energy and finance – as one.

I always knew that I want to pursue a professional’s career and to work my way to the top in the field that I’ve selected. My ambitions might be lofty, but so are the challenges associated with them. The mentality at Adven is that everyone can grow along with the company and the company can grow along with its people.

In addition, I feel that Adven has an excellent internal culture and nice people, where communication between teams and group-wide strengths are valued. The need for change and innovation is understood, and the company is open to development.

Growing together with Adven

Within a year as Adven Estonia’s CFO, I have completed five acquisition transactions. In addition, we purchased two new enterprises in Latvia, and their integration into the Adven Group, the building up of cooperation and management have been exciting challenges for me.

My team was also responsible for the project, with which the company’s processes were digitised, thereby making production even more efficient. It was of critical importance when it came to raising efficiency.

Constant learning helps me, my team and Adven to succeed

This year I was honoured to get the title of Energy Solutions Finance Director for Europe - I think it is also recognition of the Adven Group as a whole, and especially Adven’s operations in Estonia.

If we didn’t have such a strong group, and I didn’t have the team that I do, then we would have been unable to achieve these ambitious goals, which were noticed from the outside and for which we also earned recognition. Without a good team it would have been difficult for Adven to grow at the pace at which it did over the past year.

Next to my work life, I also consider it important to contribute to my family. I have two small children, a loving wife, and most of my free time is focused on my family. I still need constant development and steady progress like fresh air, so I educate myself outside of the office. If it is difficult to find time, I listen to various management audiobooks – mixed with the occasional biography – while driving or exercising.

I feel I have motivation and inspiration to soar together with Adven as high as possible. I have been given a great deal of responsibility by Adven, while at the same time being given the freedom to develop myself, my team and our business in Estonia.


-Energy passionate Tiit Hõbejõgi, CFO of Adven Estonia

International digital business magazine Acquisition International selected Tiit Hõbejõgi, as the Energy Solutions Finance Director of the Year 2019 - Europe.


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