Analysis and design -everything begins with understanding the needs of the customer and seeing the holistic picture

Rely on our expertise. We offer your company the best experts to delve into your processes, solve challenges and plan a cost-efficient energy solution tailored to your needs.

Analysis and design begins with gaining an understanding of the customer’s processes and operations and seeing the holistic picture always come first. The reason for this is simple — it leads to the best end result for the customer.

Due to this holistic approach of the customer’s operations, we don’t just solve individual problems; we delve into problem areas at a much deeper level. We are thus able to efficiently identify opportunities for improving cost effectiveness and gain a deep insight into our customers’ needs.

In many cases, cost effectiveness is the result of energy savings. Analysis and design helps us understand our customer’s core process and find the points where we can recover energy and recycle it for further use, and reduce the need for major investments. 

An expert team is the key to success

Each Adven employee is a dedicated professional. Our company incorporates a broad range of insight into widely different processes, whether it be in the forest industry, chemical industry, food industry or any other branch of industry.

More and more often, savings potential in industrial companies can be found in more sensible water usage. In recent years, different water-efficiency solutions have become one of the cornerstones of Adven’s expertise, alongside traditional energy sector knowhow.

Cost-effective energy solutions

Our expertise and competence, stemming from more than 600 implemented energy solutions, form a strong foundation for understanding customer needs and planning high-quality implementation.

Our concept teams comprised of top experts will tailor a solution to meet the customer’s needs. We are not bound by any single technology because we are not a traditional device or technology supplier. We design a cost-effective solution from different tested elements and we build a whole that best serves your operations.


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