Construction and investments - don’t invest your capital, we will invest on your behalf

Our experts will find the right mix of solutions and services to meet all your energy needs and goals. We stand behind our energy solutions one hundred per cent — to the extent that we’re willing to bear the risks related to your project.

In Adven’s operating model we invest the required capital in our customer’s energy solution and implement the entire project. Our customer receives a reliable energy service and the financial benefits from our investments. An agreement with us produces savings from day one.

Energy services are off-balance-sheet investments

When you make an investment in your production, the investment will be recorded in the balance sheet as either a loan or debt. Adven’s operating model offers an alternative that shows as an off-balance-sheet item. It is thus purely a cost item that shows in the profit and loss account. How does that solution sound to you?

How does your company bear risks linked to energy production?

When a company is responsible for its own energy production, this involves risks, which need to be taken into account. Typical risks include schedule and cost risks and technology risks when implementing a new project. Are you really willing to bear all of these yourself? You will probably not achieve any return on your investment until at a much later date.

In addition to financing the energy solution, we also take care of any permits, construction or modernization of existing facilities.

Our project managers are responsible for dozens of projects each year. They work in close cooperation with you and take care of every little detail of the construction project.

Let’s implement your company’s energy solution together — on cost and on time.



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