Geoenergy for the heating and cooling of large properties

Geothermal energy or geoenergy is solar energy stored in the soil that can be extracted from the bedrock or from the surface of the soil. Geoenergy offers an ecological, stable and financially sensible heating and cooling solution for bigger properties. Energy costs are more predictable compared to other energy solutions andit is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Adven is a forerunner in the realization of the geoenergy solutions for the large properties, such as shopping centers, logistic centers and tourist resorts. Read more about the possibilities and benefits of renewable geoenergy!



Take Control of
Your Energy Costs

When you choose Adven as your heating and cooling provider, you’re in control of your own heating costs - with no capital-intensive investments. We invest in the geothermal plant including all the continous maintenance and operation. All you have to do is enjoy sustainable heating & cooling.

Increase the value of your property. With Adven it's easy.

 Adven’s sustainable geothermal energy solution offers you an easy way to increase the value of your property without investment.       

Sustainable, carbon neutral geoenergy

Adven facilitates your transition to zero emission geoenergy. We believe that sustainability facilitates growth, and many of your stakeholders feel the same way, too. Want to keep them happy? We can help you. 


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