5 substantial reasons to choose Adven’s geoenergy

Making your property more sustainable creates benefits for businesses, people and the environment. We have listed 5 substantial reasons why to choose Adven’s geoenergy.

1.  Predictable and transparent energy costs

With geoenergy, energy costs are more predictable compared to other energy solutions. The price of geoenergy is not tied to the market price of any fossil fuel which makes it transparent for the full contractual period. Energy costs can be reduced from day one!

2.  Sustainability: geoenergy is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions

Renewable geoenergy is a low-emissions form of energy that helps steer properties towards a greener future. Geoenergy solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint and it is even possible to make such buildings completely CO2 neutral. Renewable geoenergy supports sustainable values and actions which communicate environmentally friendly corporate image also to your customers and other stakeholders.

3. Self-sufficiency and improved energy efficiency

Geoenergy means self-sufficiency in energy production: energy is always sourced and produced locally and in close proximity to the own properties. Geowells are drilled into the bedrock, which operates like a battery: the heat stored in it during the summer can be used during the heating season. With locally produced geoenergy, your energy efficiency improves significantly.   

4. Care free: Adven takes care of the investment and the plant’s operation

In Energy as a Service -concept, the customer is not required to make its own investments in the energy solution or build a geoenergy field. Adven builds, owns, operates and develops the geoenergy plant. This also includes 24/7 remote steering and -automation.

5. Increased property value

Real estate investors and owners are increasingly interested in energy-efficient solutions and green values. Geoenergy makes buildings more attractive not only to investors and possibly tenants, but also to the visitors and customers. It helps properties to get green building certificates and higher LEED rating levels (LEED, BREEAM).


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