Converting to geoenergy in a shopping centre – how it’s done

Geoenergy is a good solution for many shopping centres, both new and existing ones. On new building sites, the geoenergy system is most often built directly under the shopping centre even before centre is built. For existing shopping centres, it is usually built under parking lots or in garages.

“Whether or not a geoenergy solution can be realised for a shopping centre depends largely on the size of the shopping centre. A suitable place must be found for the geowells, and parking lots are a good place for them,” says Timo Koljonen, Adven’s VP of Geoenergy.

Construction does not interfere with shopping centre operations.

Geowells can be realised in shopping centres with relatively simple measures.

“The companies in the shopping centre and their customers often don’t even notice the geoenergy system’s construction phase, which is carried out one part at a time. Depending on the size of the shopping centre, between 50 and 150 geowells are usually drilled. Construction is always executed so as to minimise the impact on the shopping centre’s operations.”

Once the geofield is ready, realisation of the technical space can begin. In practice, this means building an energy centre in the property’s technical facilities.

“It is often quite easy to find a technical room or other appropriate space on the premises where heat pumps, water heaters and an automation centre can be situated. When it comes to technical building systems, changes are seldom needed: with the cooling and heating systems already set up, these can usually remain as they are,” says Koljonen.

Depending on the scale of the project, building a geoenergy system can take from three to six months, and in new building sites, the schedule is determined by the construction of the new site.