Entertainment Center Lappari is heated and cooled by the waters from mountain brooks

No longer than three years ago the old Lapin Kulta factory in Tornio, Finland was ready to be dismantled. When evaluating the project Veli-Matti Mykkälä realized that the place was not to be destroyed at all. Today Mykkälä is the Managing Director of the Entertainment Center Lappari, now operating in the very same building.

In only three years the old factory has transformed into a kinematic living room for the locals with an activity park, restaurant, fitness center and even an own brewery.  In the coming months completely new companies are coming along. When planning the complete renovation, the old property required a special attention in its heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling an area of 14 000 square meters

The area in the Lappari is huge: now total 12 000 sqm’s in use, and soon as many as 14 000 sqm’s. By modern standards the building is not tight and it also has large windows facing the river Tornio. The real-estate required many investments in the beginning, which arouse Mykkälä’s interest in Adven’s energy solution, where the idea is to offer energy as a service without the requirement of the real estate owner making their own investments.

  • Right in the beginning we started to ponder which would be the most reasonable way to get the building heated. Adven had already realized energy solutions for the nearby tourist attracts and this is how our discussions started.  Today, the energy for the real-estate comes from multiple sources, and Adven’s responsibility is to get them all to act together. For our tenants, it is also an advantage that the energy solution is carefully elaborated.   

Old pipelines taken in use again

  •  In Lappari’s case, it was decided to produce the energy as a hybrid model incorporating district heating from Tornion Energia, geoenergy from the ground and water energy from the river Tornio with Uponor’s water heat exchanger. Adven brings these energy sources together and finally provides the required heating and cooling for Lappari as a full, turn-key service, says Adven’s Vice President Timo Koljonen.

Lapin Kulta brewery, originally operated in the property, used the mountain brook waters, flowing in the river Tornio in their production, so there were existing pipelines in the building. These pipelines have now been taken in use again in energy production. Thanks to Uponor’s water heat exchanger the building can now be heated and cooled with the river water. Energy in the water origins from the sun. It is totally renewable and unlimitedly available.

  • This year we patented a water heat exchanger which is made of plastic instead of metal, and it does not get frozen even in low temperatures. This enables capturing energy even from the coldest Nordic waters. Water enters the exchanger, energy is captured after which the water is released back.  Action is based on high flows – one exchanger equals about 40 geowells, says Sales Manager Tuomo Honkamäki from Uponor.

Additional information:

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