Solid experience heating logistics terminals using geoenergy

Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa of Adven has unique expertise on a global scale: he knows how logistics terminals can be heated and cooled using geoenergy.

DB Schenker, a world-leading provider of logistics services, is currently building a new logistics center in Pori. Under the lead of Adven’s project manager, Lasse Aitamaa, a smart power plant that uses geoenergy has also been built into the logistics center and will provide the center with heating, cooling and warm water.

Carbon-neutral logistics facilities for DB Schenker with geoenergy

DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, and the company has an especially strong foothold in road transport within Europe. As a pioneer in its industry, DB Schenker strives to significantly lower its carbon dioxide emissions on a global level. DB Schenker’s environmental policies in Finland are based on the ISO 14001 standard.

The company has set the concrete target of reducing the relative carbon dioxide emissions of its operations by 20 per cent by 2020 from the 2006 level.

“Low CO2 emissions and reliable energy services were the most important factors for the customer when they chose Adven’s solution,” recounts Aitamaa.

DB Schenker’s logistics terminal network also extends far into the north, where heating solutions have great significance due to the long, cold winters, especially when it comes to the energy consumption of facilities. Geoenergy is thus an important step forward in the company’s path towards emissions-free logistics business.

“The heating and cooling generated with Adven’s geoenergy solution brilliantly meets their needs, and we can generate all the energy the logistics center needs, completely carbon-free,” says Aitamaa.

“Heating that is as environmentally friendly as it gets”

Most of the heating in DB Schenker’s logistics center is generated using geowells – from the heat stored in the ground.

The reserve energy chosen for the Pori logistics center is electricity. Reserve energy is not consumption-intensive, but a reserve energy solution guarantees heat in all situations and conditions, even during the coldest hours of the year. Thanks to green electricity, Adven’s energy package is entirely free of carbon emissions.

“In terms of technology, the heating at the logistics center in Pori is as environmentally friendly as it gets right now for a logistics terminal. It is also very reliable and worry-free for the user,” says Aitamaa.

“Energy provided as a service is also always an economically wise choice for the customer. Adven oversees the entire energy plant investment, assuming all responsibilities, and the customer does not need to invest their own capital. The customer additionally benefits from the low cost of geoenergy,” Aitamaa points out.

Lessons learned from previous geoenergy projects enhance optimization

Before launching the first joint project, DB Schenker’s representatives visited the S-Group’s logistics center in Sipoo to learn more about Adven’s hybrid plant, in which geoenergy plays a central role.

In 2016, Adven delivered the first service package employing geoenergy to DB Schenker, for the company’s new logistics terminal in Vaasa.

Since operations were started up at the Vaasa terminal, Adven has been monitoring the functioning of the heating system and has further developed, among other things, indoor air quality, energy performance and the system’s efficiency.

Lessons learned from the Vaasa terminal were carried over to the Pori terminal solution already in the planning and construction stages.

“We are in a good position in the sense that we can see with the Vaasa project how the planned solutions actually work. This means that we can make use of the solutions that have been honed at the Vaasa terminal in Pori,” Aitamaa sums up.