Adven’s renewable energy contract gives you the concrete benefits

When you choose Adven as your heating and cooling provider, you’re in control of your own heating costs - with no capital-intensive investments.

We offer a full service geothermal heating solutions.

Adven builds, owns and operates  geothermal heating and cooling facilities. We are responsible for running and optimizing its operation  and maintenance.

No investment upfront

Until now, switching to geothermal heat has required a significant capital investment. Adven’s solution does not involve any upfront investment.

This means renewing your energy and heating solutions does not take resources from your business, and you’re free to invest in developing your business!

Fixed rates

Predicting energy price fluctuations can be tricky, and for property owners this means heating costs are difficult to estimate.

Adven’s pricing model is based on fixed rates. We give you a set charge for the entire 5-year contract term. When the five-year contract expires, you can choose to purchase the plant or to extend your contract with us further.

How does this sound? Get in touch with our geothermal experts to find out more!

Timo Koljonen
VP, Geoenergy Finland
Timo Koljonen