Operations Manager Antti Koski: “The closer you are, the easier it is to see areas in need of development”

Antti Koski, operations manager at Adven, works close to the customer, carefully monitoring and continuously developing the technical operations and performance of Adven’s plants.

Operations Manager Antti Koski is one of the more than 100 professionals that make up Adven’s operations organisation. They ensure that the energy plants owned and operated by Adven serve the customer’s production process flawlessly.

“Our operations organisation takes care of the complete maintenance of our plants – the work we do guarantees the customer a disturbance-free supply of energy commodities.

Koski is also in charge of ensuring that the customer’s energy production remains cost effective. He keeps a close eye on the efficiency of the plants and strives to continuously optimise costs.

“We always want to ensure sensible cost planning for the plants,” he says. “When it comes to servicing and maintenance work or if the equipment needs upgrading, however, there’s no compromising on costs.”

“We know the customer’s process like the back of our hand”

Koski’s official workplace is Adven’s Seinäjoki unit, but he spends the majority of his work time with customers, in co-operation meetings and monitoring the plants’ operations.

“I work a lot directly with customers, and I also engage in wide-ranging co-operation with various authorities,” says Koski.

Through its operations managers, Adven oversees the operational use of its energy plants. Matters related to the plants’ operations, maintenance and fuel consumption, among other things, are discussed in regular customer meetings.

“The most important thing is to be close to the customer. Since we oversee the operation of our customers’ plants, we know their process like the back of our hand. We are very familiar with their operations and their production. We can see the customers’ needs and identify challenges on time. This puts us in the best position to steer solutions in the right direction and to choose the right technologies,” explains Koski.

Meaningful work arises from helping the customer

Successes in work life are an important source of motivation. For Koski, these are, without exception, directly related to the benefits brought to the customer.

“Many of our development challenges are related to customers’ processes. If we can resolve a customer’s problem, it benefits both of us.

“The best part of my job is having a certain freedom in my work and being responsible for larger, overall projects. I want to have an aspect of growth in my work and set goals for the future. I always want to know where we are now and where we should be,” stresses Koski.