Energy efficiency doesn’t automatically just mean cost efficiency.

Adven is committed to understanding every customer’s individual energy need. We’ll help you to find the right mix of solutions and services that meets all your energy needs and operational goals.

Our partnership starts with getting to know you. 

At the start of a partnership we do a thorough evaluation of the client’s business, various aspects of their energy need and consider them in the overall picture of your business operations.

Here are some of the aspects we typically cover:

  • Your business & processes
  • Technical overview & requirements
  • Financial opportunities
  • Environmental aspects
  • Accounting & tax
  • Fuel options
  • Customer priorities
  • Optimal contract length
  • Cost of energy
  • Redemption costs

Energy efficiency doesn’t automatically just mean cost efficiency.

Adven’s techno-economic analysis helps gather background information for our experts in order to derive an optimized solutions for your specific needs. A thorough risk management evaluation also helps us to consider also the cost of our own investment in the project.

Straight-forward summary for fast decisions

We will deliver a summary of our findings and suggestions in a clear format, so that you don’t need to be an energy expert to interpret the results. Reviewing the results with your team will be quicker, and will help you to make the best possible decisions.

Get in touch now to see how we can improve your business through energy efficiency.

Olavi Raunio
SVP, New Industrial Sales and Solutions
Olavi Raunio