Leverage Our Operation & Maintenance Expertise

We have the expertise, the channels and resources to keep your power production up to date.

Adven specializes in operating and maintaining of power plants.

We have a diverse O&M customer base with a wide geographical coverage: we operate and maintain various different power and heat plants in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

How do you benefit from outsourcing O&M?

Our efficient and experienced operation, servicing and maintenance crew will take over running your facility. Whatever happens, we will be responsible that everything works. You no longer need to worry about losing time or money due to production outages; the risk is on us.

Keeping your facility safe and sound 24/7

We keep a close eye on your facility with a 24/7 remote monitoring. In case of machine breakages or malfunctions, we can pinpoint the problem fast and get it fixed by a professional in no time, either on-site or via machine-to-machine connections. We have one of the most securely protected data connections in Finland, so that your data will be always be safe with us.

We know all about how these facilities work. The risk of something unexpected happening in them is significantly reduced by our strong remote monitoring setup.

When we're running does not take resources from your business, and you’re free to invest in developing your business!

Get in touch with us to see, how we could help you business.

Esa Aarnio
VP, Business Development
Esa Aarnio