Jyrki Vainionpää takes up Adven’s reins


Jyrki Vainionpää (41) took on the position of CEO of Adven Group at the beginning of August. In recent years, Adven has grown strongly both organically and through acquisitions. In addition to…

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112 geowells hundreds of meters deep – Skanssi Shopping Center in Turku to revamp its energy system


A shopping center in Turku’s Skanssi area is switching to Adven’s geoenergy service and thus substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the building’s energy consumption. The move will make the…

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Adven expands to Latvia by acquiring district heating companies in Cēsis and Valmiera


Energy company Adven is entering the Latvian energy market after buying two district heating companies currently owned by Energijas Risinajumi.

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Adven's evaporation service improves Kotkamills energy efficiency significantly


Finnish forestry industry company Kotkamills has chosen Adven as a partner for producing evaporation services at its production unit in Kotka. At this unit Kotkamills' manufactures, among other…

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Determined efforts result in 37% smaller carbon footprint


Adven has systematically lowered the emissions of its plants since the start of the 2000s. As a result of systematic development work carried out last year, the carbon footprint has decreased by 37%…

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Geoenergy increases the appeal of luxury holiday destinations


Green values and sustainability are rising trends in the hotel and tourism industry. For hotels that use clean heating, geoenergy is not just a selling point for customers, it is also a financially…

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Lapti’s Kuopion Portti will be fully carbon neutral


Construction work on Kuopio’s future landmark, Kuopion Portti (Gate of Kuopio), will start in June and will soon be followed by the drilling of geowells. Adven will implement an energy solution for…

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“Why would I buy energy as a service when we do fine with our current model?”


When discussing companies’ energy matters, we often come up against even false claims and assumptions about adopting energy solutions. We frequently hear, “We’re doing just fine” and “We want to…

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Adven helps companies turn circular economy into profitable business


The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) engages companies to take concrete actions to save our polluted national treasure and its living conditions. Adven Recovery champions the change driven by BSAG by…

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BSAG: Reformed EU legislation opens up business opportunities for nutrient recovery


The Baltic Sea Action Group works hard in both the business world and in the political arena to save the Baltic Sea. One of the outcomes of these efforts is the upcoming legislative reform that makes…

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How to cut energy consumption peaks of the future?


In REINO, a project focused on developing smart demand response management, a research team led by Professor Sanna Syri is looking into how district heating systems could respond to high consumption…

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Carbon neutral heating system for Vanajanlinna buildings – city of Hämeenlinna joins in energy reform


Tourists are showing increasing interest towards sustainable development, responsibility and greener energy solutions. Hotel Vanajanlinna, Linna Golf’s properties and the majority of other properties…

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Sanna Syri, Professor, Energy Economics: Climate change mitigation requires flexibility in energy systems


When Sanna Syri, Professor, Energy Economics at Aalto University, talks about energy systems, she does not mean the electrification of individual family homes. Syri’s research background is in…

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Meet our specialist: Plant Operator Thomas Nyholm. A local operator knows every nook and cranny of his plant


Thomas Nyholm started work as a plant operator in early 2017, working in one of Adven’s plants in the town of Hanko, Finland. Nyholm manages a process steam plant that supplies steam for the…

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In the town of Hanko, Adven’s climate-friendly energy solutions benefit businesses and homes alike.


The town of Hanko, at the southern tip of Finland, is home to a cluster of process steam and heating plants operated by Adven. The plants' close proximity to each other provides synergies for both…

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We are seeking for Analyst / Associate to work with M&A


Are you a professional in Mergers and Acquisitions, and you have the drive and energy to develop your own competences and business as well? Are you looking for a responsible and independent job in a…

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Laholm's largest industry becomes 100% fossil free with Adven


Swedish core composite manufacturer Diab AB has signed an agreement for the supply of hot water and heat with Adven. By switching to biofuel, Diab's production facility in Laholm will be 100% fossil…

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Remote monitoring of production plant automation enables cost-effective and eco-friendly energy production


Adven’s Automation Manager, Olli Takala, is in charge of the electrical automation systems that keep Adven’s production plants up and running and ensure consistent energy production.

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Energy soon to be derived from oat husk at Hankkija’s Turku plant


Climate targets and the rising cost of fossil fuels are encouraging industry to seek solutions in locally available renewable fuels. Hankkija, a company that specializes in agricultural supplies and…

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The expertise of an operations manager brings benefits across the entire life cycle of the customer relationship


Operations Manager Antti Koski of Adven develops new solutions to benefit customers throughout the contractual period. This versatile energy-industry expert continuously sees new development…

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3 reasons to choose geoenergy for a logistics center


Logistics companies are increasingly interested in developing their corporate responsibility by minimizing the environmental impacts of their operations. At the same time, energy price fluctuations…

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Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö to sell power plant ownership in FC Energia and FC Power to Adven


Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö signed a contract on January 10, 2018 with Adven for the sale of the shares for FC Energia and FC Power. The deal is conditional and will be realized on a later…

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Terrafame aims to develop energy efficiency of its production process in cooperation with Adven


Adven and Terrafame Oy have agreed on cooperation which aims to develop the energy efficiency of Terrafame’s production process and explore new energy solutions for the energy production for the…

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Adven joins Baltic Sea conservation efforts with commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group


One of the Baltic Sea’s biggest problems is eutrophication, which is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. The Baltic Sea Action Group promotes concrete actions to help fix the…

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Solid experience heating logistics terminals using geoenergy


Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa of Adven has unique expertise on a global scale: he knows how logistics terminals can be heated and cooled using geoenergy.

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Adven to acquire E.ON’s district heating and distributed energy solutions business E.ON Värme Lokala Energilösningar Aktiebolag (‘EVLE’) in Sweden


EVLE owns and operates well established district heating operations in nine municipalities in Southern and Central Sweden. In addition, EVLE has multiple distributed energy solutions locations in the…

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In Adven’s central control room, safety always comes first


Sami Naukkarinen has just recently switched from the role of control room operator to control room supervisor. He joined the company 20 years ago, and over the years has taken care of the control room…

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Improving processes means understanding the big picture and thinking outside the box


Adven’s expert in water and wastewater processing, Hanna Kontturi, has solid technical know-how that brings significant benefits to the customer right from the first meeting.

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New CEO appointed to Adven


M.Sc (Econ), CFA Jyrki Vainionpää is appointed CEO Adven Group. Vainionpää, currently the Deputy CEO at Vapo Oy, will start at Adven in August 2018.

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Meet our specialist, environmental expert Katja Baumgartner


Adven’s environmental expert, Katja Baumgartner, helps Adven keep abreast with environmental legislation. She also contributes to increasing environmental responsibility in Adven’s operations.

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Adven acquires the local district heating network (Bio MegaWatt) in Southern Sweden


In September Adven and Bio MegaWatt agreed on an asset deal, whereby Adven acquires Bio MegaWatt’s local district heating network and its operations in Sösdala area, Southern Sweden. There is growth…

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Meet our specialist, Recovery Team Manager Terho Saaristo


Adven's Product Manager Terho Saaristo and his colleagues seek to enhance their customers’ processes, for example, through biological treatment methods, energy-efficient evaporation methods and film…

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Sustainable fuel choices lead to 31% smaller carbon footprint


Adven has systematically lowered the emissions of its plants since 2012. What is the secret behind its success, and what is in store for the future?

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Purchasing energy as a service releases capital for more productive use


Industrial companies are accustomed to producing their own energy in order to ensure the security of their energy supply. However, by outsourcing the energy generation companies can release capital,…

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Meet our specialist, Operations Manager Antti Koski: “The closer you are, the easier it is to see areas in need of development”


Antti Koski, operations manager at Adven, works close to the customer, carefully monitoring and continuously developing the technical operations and performance of Adven’s plants.

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A genuine part of the customer’s production process


Finnamyl Oy is a starch-potato farming and processing company based in Kokemäki, western Finland. Roughly 73,000 tonnes of potato cell sap are produced annually as a by-product of the company’s starch…

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Full range of solutions on hand – to best serve the customer


Adven’s Product Manager Terho Saaristo designs solutions for customers to boost their energy and water processes, without any of the limits imposed by technology, equipment or fuel choices.

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Are you aware of your company’s water risks? Dwindling water resources challenge industry to improve water consumption


Industry is consuming more and more water, both in in the Nordics and globally. At the same time, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource: clean water is becoming a more valuable commodity…

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Green, predictable and value-boosting – geoenergy in a shopping centre


With geoenergy, a shopping centre’s energy costs are predictable; geoenergy is also green and sustainable and raises the value of the property.

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Converting to geoenergy in a shopping centre – how it’s done


Geoenergy is a good solution for many shopping centres, both new and existing ones. On new building sites, the geoenergy system is most often built directly under the shopping centre even before…

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Three reasons to consider geoenergy for a shopping centre


1. Predictable energy costs With geoenergy, energy costs are more predictable compared to other energy solutions. With Adven’s model, a fixed energy price can generally be agreed on for several…

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Greener heating and cooling for shopping centres


Greener heating and cooling for shopping centres Shopping centres make excellent geoenergy sites. They have a relatively high need for energy and generally provide a good framework for implementing…

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Biofuel production can be intensified – Biokraft AS and Adven Oy to start cooperation in Norway


Adven has closed an agreement with Biokraft AS regarding reject water processing at the Biokraft AS’s biogas plant being built close to Trondheim, in Skogn, Norway. When ready, the biogas plant in…

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Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum is now energy self-sufficient thanks to geoenergy


Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum in Stockholm area is so far the largest shopping center in Sweden converted to geoenergy. Altogether 68 geo wells were drilled underneath the center which now is…

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Lippulaiva to house the world’s largest geothermal plant in a shopping centre


Citycon is building the new state-of-the-art Lippulaiva shopping centre in Espoo, Helsinki Area. The heating and cooling of the shopping centre will be produced by renewable, carbon-neutral geothermal…

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Phil Pacey (AMP Capital) has been appointed as a member of Adven’s Board of Directors


Phil Pacey has been appointed as a member of Adven’s Board of Directors from April 1, 2017. Before joining AMP Capital on September 1, 2016 as a Principal in the Infrastructure Equity team, Phil has…

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Juhani Sillanpää has been appointed as Senior Vice Presidet, M&A


Adven’s strategic goal is to grow profitably. In order to reach this goal, we need to have a strong organic growth and on top of that we need to make a significant amount of acquisitions during the…

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Centralizing creates savings in energy costs of an industrial park


An industrial park, particularly fit for the needs of food industry, is being planned in Rajamäki, Finland. In addition to the manufacturer of alcoholic products Altia, already a half-dozen companies…

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FastPartner in Kista, Sweden, chooses renewable geothermal energy


FastPartner Ltd’s office building Sätesdalen 2 in Kista, Stockholm area, will be provided with heating and cooling based on renewable geothermal energy from Adven in the spring of 2017.

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Entertainment Center Lappari is heated and cooled by the waters from mountain brooks


Entertainment Center Lappari in Tornio, Finland gets its heating and cooling from the river Tornio, from geoenergy wells and from district heating. Energy company Adven evaluates hybrid energy model…

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Finnish industries improve their competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency


Energy is one of the biggest cost factors for many industrial companies. By improving the energy efficiency, the competitiveness of the production can be improved significantly. Adven realizes a…

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Food industry seeks new ways in liquid evaporation


Industrial processes generate various by-products and waste-waters, and their treatment currently is rather difficult and quite expensive. When liquids are sorted-out from the waste-water or…

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Adven acquires Ekokem’s heat plant in Jepua, Finland


Adven and Ekokem have agreed on an asset deal, whereby Adven acquires Ekokem’s Jepua heating plant and its operations. The acquisition is part of Adven’s growth strategy which aims at a significant…

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Appointments in the Board of Directors of Adven Group Oy


Mr. Aappo Kontu has been appointed from 1.9.2016 to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adven Group Oy. Aappo has an extensive experience in industrial services, energy and process…

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Cooperation is a key for local industries success in Jepua, Finland


One company needs energy, and another one has production by-product which is difficult to dispose. When this excess material is processed as bioenergy, everybody gains advantages. Energy company Adven…

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A brilliant energy solution in SOK Corporation’s huge logistics center


SOK Corporation’s logistics center in Sipoo, is one of the biggest investments in Finland and one of the largest cold warehouses in the Europe. It’s energy supply is exceptional both due to the size…

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Nammo Vihtavuori and Adven re-thought the water usage of Lake Siikajärvi


Last year the water of the Lake Siikajärvi, situated in central Finland, Vihtavuori of Laukaa, was discovered to be on an exceptionally low level. Nammo Vihtavuori Oy, producing reloading powders, is…

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Drilling of energy wells in DB Schenker's new logistics terminal in Vaasa, Finland begins this week


DB Schenker builds a new logistics terminal in Vaasa Finland. The heating and cooling for the terminal will be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. The drilling of the energy wells…

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District heating in Siuntio and Veikkola in the Southern Finland is now produced by using biofuels


District heating plants in Siuntio and Veikkola located in the Southern Finland and operated by Ad-ven, have started to use of biofuels instead of fossil fuels as their primary fuel during the spring.…

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Lindhagensporten gets geothermal energy from Adven


Lindhagensporten, which is an old landmark at Kungsholmen, is undergoing a complete renovation in order to provide good quality, modern offices with an environmental focus to the marketplace. The…

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The energy company Adven will be acquired by AMP Capital and Infracapital


EQT Infrastructure has agreed to sell Adven Group to a consortium comprising of the investment funds AMP Capital and Infracapital. Adven is an energy company operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.…

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Jakobsbergs Centrum switches to renewable geothermal energy from Adven


Jakobsbergs Centrum switches to renewable geothermal energy from Adven

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Adven geonergy expansion in Kista continues


Adven has signed an agreement with AXA Investment Managers.. This deal means that Adven will supply five properties in Kista, representing roughly 100,000 square meters, with heating and cooling from…

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Harriniva changing for geoenergy


Harriniva hotels & safaris has selected thermal energy from Adven Oy. Adven's geothermal heat production is replacing annually 200,000 liters use of heating oil. The new energy solution go to hotel…

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Three properties in Vinsta change to renewable energy from Adven


The three properties Singeln, 1, 14 and 15 in Vinsta will convert to renewable geothermal energy from Adven.

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ADVEN goes into district heating in Sweden – acquires the heating company Enycon


The energy company Adven is expanding its business operation in Sweden by acquiring the heating company Enycon AB.

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27 000 square-metre chocolate factory switches to ADVEN`s renewable energy


The chocolate factory, Chokladfabriken in Sundbyberg, historically known as Marabouhuset, is now upgrading its energy supply and converting to geothermal energy. From now on all heating and cooling of…

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ADVEN and Lahti Energia start co-operation


Heinola 29 May 2015 – Adven and Lahti Energia have signed a long-term agreement on the development of the energy supply of the Sahaniemi industrial area in Heinola. Starting on 1 June 2015, Adven will…

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ADVEN has renewed its contract with UPM-Kymmene Wood


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Energy company Adven to improve the energy production of Valio’s Oulu plant


Oulu 14 April 2015 – Energy company Adven and Valio renewed their energy production agreement leading to Adven building a new boiler plant of solid fuel with the power of 5 MW at Valio’s Maikkula…

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