Strict regulations for the food and beverage industry require complex solutions

News 2019-12-09

In terms of water usage, the food and beverage industry is heavily regulated compared to other industries. The Swedish Food Federation (Livsmedelsföretagen) has now included a new item in its Sustainability Manifesto – more efficient water use.

Adven’s Carbon Handprint Innovation Challenge: new ideas to reduce customers’ emissions

News 2019-11-08

Finland is a small country but we are the world’s cleanest, happiest and third most innovative nation right after South Korea and Germany. Couldn’t we expect a lot from a country like this in the fight against emissions?

Adven acquires the energy production of forest industry company Pankaboard

News 2019-11-05

Pankaboard, a manufacturer of special cartonboards in Eastern Finland, is selling its current energy production equipment to Adven. Adven will supply the steam Pankaboard requires for its board production as a service.

The largest geoenergy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Citycon’s Lippulaiva

News 2019-10-30

The largest geothermal heating and cooling energy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Lippulaiva. Adven is responsible for realizing the geothermal heating and cooling facility, and the company produces energy to Citycon, which owns Lippulaiva.

Petri Miettinen starts as Director, Operations in Adven Finland

News 2019-10-25

Petri Miettinen (M.Sc.) joins Adven Finland as Director, Operations and a member of the management team on 7th of November 2019. Earlier, Miettinen has worked for Tikkurila Group as Senior Vice President, operations and sourcing.

Adven’s head office moves into new, carbon-neutral premises

News 2019-09-26

In early October Adven’s head office, which is based in Vantaa, Finland, will move into brand new, carbon-neutral premises in terms of energy consumption. More space is needed because the company's headcount has risen alongside net sales growth.

Valio is curbing its use of oil and peat – bio-based fuels will cut emissions by 17,000 tonnes a year

News 2019-09-23

Adven is delivering an entirely new boiler plant to Valio’s Seinäjoki plant, bringing an additional four megawatts of power. The new bio boiler plant will reduce the plant’s use of oil and peat, which in turn will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 15,000 tonnes a year.

Kotkamills to boost chemical recycling – new solution to reduce environmental load by thousands of tonnes

News 2019-08-13

Paper and board mill Kotkamills will adopt a closed-cycle solution to boost chemical recovery. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater treatment plant will fall by around 20 per cent and the carbon dioxide emissions will decline by approximately 3,500 tonnes.

Adven will help the Swedish pellet producer to expand

News 2019-08-01

Fuelwood, in cooperation with Adven, is building a modular pellet plant in Söderhamn in Sweden. The plant is considerably more compact and more flexible compared to traditional pellet production sites.

Mirka increases heat and water recovery at the Jepua abrasives manufacturing plant

News 2019-07-02

Mirka, a world leader in surface finishing products, will recycle heat and water more efficiently at its Jepua production plant in Finland’s Northern Ostrobothnia by early 2020. Water recovery saves about 40 thousand cubic meters of water each year.