112 geowells hundreds of meters deep – Skanssi Shopping Center in Turku to revamp its energy system

A shopping center in Turku’s Skanssi area is switching to Adven’s geoenergy service and thus substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the building’s energy consumption. The move will make the shopping center almost entirely energy self-sufficient.

Skanssi Shopping Center is known for its long-term eco-actions. Now, geoenergy will replace part of the energy generated by the district heating and cooling systems currently used by the shopping center. The City of Turku has set the goal of eliminating all coal use by 2025 and achieving carbon neutral status by 2029. Skanssi’s energy revamp strongly supports these goals.

“Our efforts to promote green values and eco-friendliness date back several years. As the need for energy grows, so does the pressure to reduce energy consumption. Sustainability is nowadays the cornerstone of business operations. Our customers also value sustainability,” says Skanssi’s Shopping Center Manager, Maarit Hurme.

In early 2017, Skanssi became the third shopping center in Europe to be awarded the highest environmental rating level in Europe: a platinum LEED certificate. Skanssi is the first shopping center in Europe to have not just a platinum but also a construction-phase LEED certificate.

Skanssi Shopping Center’s buildings will be transferred to Adven’s geoenergy service in 2018.

Geowell drilling set this week, customers will barely notice the work

Drilling of the geowells has been planned in the project with extreme care, also ensuring that as little disruption as possible is caused to the businesses operating in the shopping center and their customers. 

“Customers will hardly notice the work being done. Beginning in August, a total of 112 underground geowells, each some 350 meters deep, will be drilled in the area of the shopping center. The drilling will last roughly three months. The noise from the drilling will be about as loud as the noise coming from the nearby motorway, Timo Koljonen. 

The renovation will mostly affect the shopping center in that there may be alternative routes for goods deliveries while drilling is taking place. Changes will be indicated with special signs. The new heating and cooling system will be tested mainly when the shopping center is closed.


In summer, heat can be stored in bedrock, and in winter, geoenergy heats the building

Geoenergy follows the accumulator principle. In summer, ground source cooling can be used to cool the building, while at the same time heat is stored in the bedrock. In winter, the property will again be heated with energy from the ground. 

Energy deliveries to the shopping center will be remotely monitored and controlled by Adven 24/7.

In brief:

  • Skanssi Shopping Centre has close to 90 shops and services
  • The shopping center was opened in 2009
  • After the renovation, Skanssi will be almost entirely energy self-sufficient
  • 112 geowells will be drilled at a depth of approximately 350 meters in the ground around the shopping center


For more information:

Adven, Timo Koljonen, VP, Geoenergy, +358 50 4666999, timo.koljonen@adven.com

Skanssi, Maarit Hurme, Shopping Centre Manager, +358 50 563 4844, maarit.hurme@cbre.com


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