27 000 square-metre chocolate factory switches to ADVEN`s renewable energy

Published 10.6.2015 - Outi Pelkonen

The chocolate factory, Chokladfabriken in Sundbyberg, historically known as Marabouhuset, is now upgrading its energy supply and converting to geothermal energy. From now on all heating and cooling of the property will come from environmentally friendly geothermal heating and the energy supplied from external sources is estimated to be reduced by up to 70 per cent. Today Chokladfabriken is a modern office building where 1,000 people come to work every day.

– To supply this property with heat and cooling by using geothermal energy forms part of a larger energy optimization project for Chokladfabriken, that also includes evaluating the possibility of obtaining environmental certification for the property. Today's tenants place increasingly greater demands on their properties in respect to environmental issues and energy. By choosing a renewable heating and cooling solution we get an environmentally friendly and cost effective option for the property, says Andreas Hagen, Asset Manager at Areim, who owns Chokladfabriken since 2014.

Adven distributes heat and cooling to 20 larger properties in the Stockholm region featuring, amongst others, the office building, Kista One, comprising a surface area of 41,000 square metres.

– Our solution is tailored specifically for this property and we hope that it will become a showcase for other property companies who want to cut down their energy consumption and raise the value of their property. We see that the demand on local energy supply is growing and that several of the larger property owners feel frustrated over the price increases made by the old energy giants. Our solution is a renewable alternative that also makes it easier to obtain environmental certification, which has become a fast growing trend, says Jonas Häggqvist.

For more information, please contact:

Adven Sweden AB
Jonas Häggqvist, CEO, tel. +46 70 53 170 17