63% smaller carbon footprint in Adven’s district heating networks

At Adven, we take responsibility for the environment and the society. We have systematically lowered the emissions of our district heating production since the start of the 2000s. Last year the carbon footprint has decreased in Adven Finland’s district heating networks by 63% compared to the situation in 2012.

Adven has conducted comprehensive development work related to greener energy production and reducing the carbon footprint of district heating networks. Fossil fuels have been converted to local biofuels and today fossil fuels are mostly used as a spare fuel.

The carbon footprint of Advens’ heat distribution networks is 30 % smaller than the average carbon footprint of Finnish heat distribution. In 2017, carbon dioxide emissions of Adven Finland’s district heating networks were 63% smaller in relation to energy sold (MWh) compared to the situation in 2012. The average carbon dioxide emissions of district heating in Finland in relation to energy sold amounted to 149 kgCO2/MWh in 2017 (Finnish Energy 2017). Adven’s corresponding figure for last year 105 kgCO2/MWh.

Emissions volumes are tracked according to energy sold (MWh), since the plant base grows, and the volume of energy produced varies annually. The figures are therefore comparable, regardless of annual changes in production.