Henrik Johansson Casimiro starts as CEO, Adven Sweden

News 2020-04-02

Adven has appointed a new CEO to head its operations in Sweden. After three years of rapid growth, Ilkka Niiranen has handed over the CEO responsibilities to Henrik Johansson Casimiro, former Chief Operating Officer of Adven Sweden.

Adven will design Porto Franco’s environment-friendly renewable energy solution

News 2020-03-25

Porto Franco, one of the largest real estate projects ever implemented in Estonia will be cooled by renewable energy within the next few years. Adven will realize Porto Franco’s energy solution and operates the cooling facility in the future.

Adven preparedness in Corona pandemic

News 2020-03-16

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, we want to update our stakeholders on the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity for all our customers.

Terrafame will recover excess energy of its hydrogen plants - technology is used in a new way

News 2020-01-13

Terrafame starts to produce process steam by utilizing excess energy streams of its hydrogen plants. In the past, the similar technology has been utilized, for example in power plants, but it is new in hydrogen plants. Adven is responsible for the project and operates the solution in future.

The most interesting articles of 2019 – Savings, circular economy and low-carbon energy production at the top

News 2019-12-19

Are you wondering how to save money on energy production or in wastewater treatment, how to meet growing environmental demands or how to generate additional revenue from industrial side streams? You are not alone. Here are our top ten articles from 2019.

Strict regulations for the food and beverage industry require complex solutions

News 2019-12-09

In terms of water usage, the food and beverage industry is heavily regulated compared to other industries. The Swedish Food Federation (Livsmedelsföretagen) has now included a new item in its Sustainability Manifesto – more efficient water use.

Adven’s Carbon Handprint Innovation Challenge: new ideas to reduce customers’ emissions

News 2019-11-08

Finland is a small country but we are the world’s cleanest, happiest and third most innovative nation right after South Korea and Germany. Couldn’t we expect a lot from a country like this in the fight against emissions?

Adven acquires the energy production of forest industry company Pankaboard

News 2019-11-05

Pankaboard, a manufacturer of special cartonboards in Eastern Finland, is selling its current energy production equipment to Adven. Adven will supply the steam Pankaboard requires for its board production as a service.

The largest geoenergy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Citycon’s Lippulaiva

News 2019-10-30

The largest geothermal heating and cooling energy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Lippulaiva. Adven is responsible for realizing the geothermal heating and cooling facility, and the company produces energy to Citycon, which owns Lippulaiva.

Petri Miettinen starts as Director, Operations in Adven Finland

News 2019-10-25

Petri Miettinen (M.Sc.) joins Adven Finland as Director, Operations and a member of the management team on 7th of November 2019. Earlier, Miettinen has worked for Tikkurila Group as Senior Vice President, operations and sourcing.