Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum is now energy self-sufficient thanks to geoenergy

News 2017-05-24

Shopping center Jakobsbergs Centrum in Stockholm area is so far the largest shopping center in Sweden converted to geoenergy. Altogether 68 geo wells were drilled underneath the center which now is almost completely energy self-sufficient thanks to renewable geoenergy. With geoenergy the shopping center’s need of district heating is reduced with the equivalent of heating 400 row houses. Project was realized in cooperation with Citycon, the owner of center, and energy partner Adven.

Lippulaiva to house the world’s largest geothermal plant in a shopping centre

News 2017-05-16

Citycon is building the new state-of-the-art Lippulaiva shopping centre in Espoo, Helsinki Area. The heating and cooling of the shopping centre will be produced by renewable, carbon-neutral geothermal energy derived from the bedrock. Lippulaiva will use all of the heating and cooling energy provided by the plant, so the energy production will be local. The plant will make Lippulaiva almost completely self-sufficient in terms of heating and cooling energy.

Phil Pacey (AMP Capital) has been appointed as a member of Adven’s Board of Directors

News 2017-04-03

Phil Pacey has been appointed as a member of Adven’s Board of Directors from April 1, 2017. Before joining AMP Capital on September 1, 2016 as a Principal in the Infrastructure Equity team, Phil has made an impressive finance and operational career in various key roles, mainly in transportation and infrastructure industries. He also has served on several boards during the last 20 years.

Juhani Sillanpää has been appointed as Senior Vice Presidet, M&A

News 2017-04-03

Adven’s strategic goal is to grow profitably. In order to reach this goal, we need to have a strong organic growth and on top of that we need to make a significant amount of acquisitions during the next few years. Juhani Sillanpää (M.Sc Econ, LL.M EC Law) has been appointed as Senior Vice President, M&A from April 1, 2017. He also will be a member of Adven’s management team reporting directly to the CEO.

Centralizing creates savings in energy costs of an industrial park

News 2017-01-11

An industrial park, particularly fit for the needs of food industry, is being planned in Rajamäki, Finland. In addition to the manufacturer of alcoholic products Altia, already a half-dozen companies operate in the area, and new lots are zoned for business use. Adven produces steam for heating and for industrial processes in the area.

FastPartner in Kista, Sweden, chooses renewable geothermal energy

News 2016-12-29

FastPartner Ltd’s office building Sätesdalen 2 in Kista, Stockholm area, will be provided with heating and cooling based on renewable geothermal energy from Adven in the spring of 2017.

Entertainment Center Lappari is heated and cooled by the waters from mountain brooks

News 2016-12-19

Entertainment Center Lappari in Tornio, Finland gets its heating and cooling from the river Tornio, from geoenergy wells and from district heating. Energy company Adven evaluates hybrid energy model being the most sustainable way to produce heating and cooling for a historical property, with a whole new life a head.

Finnish industries improve their competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency

News 2016-11-25

Energy is one of the biggest cost factors for many industrial companies. By improving the energy efficiency, the competitiveness of the production can be improved significantly. Adven realizes a project where the use of steam at DuPont’s Finnfeeds Finland’s betaine factory in Naantali can be decreased by almost 40 per cent and at the same time also the carbon footprint is remarkably reduced.

Food industry seeks new ways in liquid evaporation

News 2016-11-16

Industrial processes generate various by-products and waste-waters, and their treatment currently is rather difficult and quite expensive. When liquids are sorted-out from the waste-water or by-product, valuable raw materials often remain. Water and energy company Adven anticipates that in the future, various kinds of by-products are even more efficiently processed and reused by many companies. Honkajoki Oy, recycler of animal-based raw materials, is currently developing its production lines with evaporation in an essential role.

Adven acquires Ekokem’s heat plant in Jepua, Finland

News 2016-09-21

Adven and Ekokem have agreed on an asset deal, whereby Adven acquires Ekokem’s Jepua heating plant and its operations. The acquisition is part of Adven’s growth strategy which aims at a significant growth in the industrial energy markets in the near future. The plant produces about 50 GWh of energy annually, which equals the energy consumption of a small town’s district heating network.