ADVEN and Lahti Energia start co-operation

News 2015-05-29

Heinola 29 May 2015 – Adven and Lahti Energia have signed a long-term agreement on the development of the energy supply of the Sahaniemi industrial area in Heinola. Starting on 1 June 2015, Adven will be responsible for the production of the Heinola power plant and the customer relationships of Sahaniemi. Customers operating in the industrial area include Finnish Fibreboard Ltd, Stora Enso Packaging Oy and UPM.

Energy company Adven to improve the energy production of Valio’s Oulu plant

News 2015-04-14

Oulu 14 April 2015 – Energy company Adven and Valio renewed their energy production agreement leading to Adven building a new boiler plant of solid fuel with the power of 5 MW at Valio’s Maikkula plant in Oulu.