ADVEN and Lahti Energia start co-operation 

Published 29.5.2015 - Outi Pelkonen

Heinola 29 May 2015 – Adven and Lahti Energia have signed a long-term agreement on the development of the energy supply of the Sahaniemi industrial area in Heinola. Starting on 1 June 2015, Adven will be responsible for the production of the Heinola power plant and the customer relationships of Sahaniemi. Customers operating in the industrial area include Finnish Fibreboard Ltd, Stora Enso Packaging Oy and UPM.

Finnish Fibreboard Ltd is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of high-density fibreboard. Its manufacture takes place in Sahaniemi, Heinola, and 90% of the sales is exported. The company employs 85 people.

“Fibreboard manufacture is a very energy-intensive industry, and the energy supply must be globally competitive. The signed agreement and co-operation with Adven will secure competitive thermal energy supply for us far into the 2020s,” says Managing Director Sakari Wallin of Finnish Fibreboard Ltd.

Stora Enso Packaging is Finland’s leading packaging industry operator, whose products include various corrugated cardboard products and associated services. UPM provides real estate services for the needs of industry in Heinola.

The area’s energy production is done at the Heinola power plant. The plant’s main boiler has an output of 42 MW, and the main fuels are solid wood-based fuels. The power plant was built in 1964. With the agreement, the plant’s employees will transfer to Adven starting on 1 June 2015.

Future operations will utilise Adven’s special expertise as an energy partner for industry and Lahti Energia’s expertise and experience with the acquisition and utilisation of recycled fuels. Adven aims to work together with the customers of the Heinola power plant in order to further develop the production and utilisation of energy, and especially integrating the two.

“Adven holds an important position in Finland as an energy partner for industry, which is strengthened by the agreements with the area’s customers and with Lahti Energia. Our aim is to develop our customer’s business through responsible energy services,” says Adven CEO Matti Viljo.

Lahti Energia as a company

Lahti Energia is a diverse energy group that invests in eco-efficiency and increasing the use of renewable forms of energy. Our products include electricity, district heating, natural gas and industrial process energies. In 2014, our group turnover was €181 million and we employed 224 people.

Adven as a company

Adven is a supplier of reliable, company-specific energy solutions and district heating operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Adven’s operations are based on comprehensive solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs, with the goal of producing and processing energy in a reliable and cost-efficient manner that minimises the environmental impact. Adven’s products include industrial steam and refrigeration, heating, cooling solutions, waste energy processing, gas and electricity. In 2014, Adven’s turnover was €150 million.  


Further information:

Adven Oy,
Olavi Raunio, Director, tel. +358 40 194 4814

Lahti Energia,
Eero Seesvaara, Managing Director, tel. +358 50 552 8401

Finnish Fibreboard Ltd,
Sakari Wallin, Managing Director, tel. +358 40 037 3541