Adven Estonia awarded as a ‘Smart Industrialist’

The Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, in co-operation with Enterprise Estonia, uses the Smart Industrialist award for recognising and introducing companies who have contributed to the growth in added value and productivity of the Estonian economy, as well as the growth of Estonia's competitiveness. Adven Estonia was awarded of their data analysis and visualisation project.

In today’s rapidly developing world the volume of information is growing at an incredible rate and navigating within that maze of information is becoming problematic. This is particularly true in the case of industrial undertakings, where efficiency and automated processes are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to remaining competitive. Adven Estonia, with the help of cloud services provider Primend, started the process of consolidating the company’s data into a single data warehouse by using Power BI data visualisation and enhancement software in 2018 (Azure DW).

In the end of the current project phase majority of Adven Estonia’s data is going to be consolidated in a single data storage warehouse, allowing the financial, sales and production data to be interlinked. This will allow the company to carry out Big data analysis and make it possible to monitor and understand the direct effects of various decisions.


According to Tiit Hõbejõgi, Financial Manager and Management Board Member of Adven Estonia, one of the keys success factors for Adven, is the consolidation and analysis of the production data, and using that information in optimising the production.

“Creating a common data warehouse for the company’s systems is not the simplest of endeavours, but it is of critical importance in terms of raising efficiency. We are very proud of being recognised as a ‘Smart Industrialist’ and hope that we can serve as an example for other companies. Yes, the project is resource intensive; however, in the long-term perspective, the effort will more than pay for itself and will serve to significantly simplify data analysis and the making of decisions,” says Hõbejõgi, emphasising the importance digitalisation.


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