ADVEN goes into district heating in Sweden – acquires the heating company Enycon


Stockholm, 30 June 2015 – The energy company Adven is expanding its business operation in Sweden by acquiring the heating company Enycon AB. The deal is part of Adven’s extensive growth strategy in the Swedish market. Today, Adven is offering heating and cooling deliveries through geothermal for commercial and residential properties in Sweden. But as of this acquisition, Adven is also offering district heating for clients in both public and private sector in Sweden.

Established in Sweden in 2010, Enycon provides environmentally friendly solutions within district heating and total heating solutions in 16 municipalities in Sweden. Enycon’s heating solutions are based on reliable, environmentally friendly production methods.

“Adven is a Nordic group and a leading energy supplier for industrial and commercial clients, properties, municipalities, cities and the private sector in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Prior to this acquisition, we produced energy for over 180 industrial plants and commercial properties. We also have more than 40 district heating networks. We will continue to expand our operations in Sweden according to our strategy. This agreement will further strengthen our position as a Nordic, cost-efficient and responsible energy producer. It is a vital part of our growth plan in the Nordics,” says Matti Viljo, CEO of Adven Oy.

“I am very pleased to join forces with Adven. Both of our companies have a similar view on the possibilities in the market and on how to manage heating facilities and most importantly how to take good care of our customers and establish long lasting co-operations. Enycon will be managed as before and CEO Håkan Andersson and his team will continue on working with our customers and suppliers. As owners we are very pleased with handing over our company to Adven”, says Olle Backman, Chairman of the Board of Enycon AB.

About Adven

Adven is a comprehensive energy partner that provides cost-efficient energy solutions and district heating in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Our products include industrial heating, steam and refrigeration, heat recycling, outsourced evaporation services, district heating and distribution of natural gas and production of heat and cooling for individual properties. In 2014, Adven’s turnover was €150 million. Adven is owned by EQT.

About Enycon

Enycon’s business concept is to provide its customers with secure and environmental friendly solutions within district heating and total heating solutions. Enycon acts as both a supplier of environmental friendly heating solutions as well as a partner in energy efficiency projects together with its customers.