Adven helps companies turn circular economy into profitable business

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) engages companies to take concrete actions to save our polluted national treasure and its living conditions. Adven Recovery champions the change driven by BSAG by telling companies how to create profitable business based on the circular economy.

One of BSAG’s most important tools is the Baltic Sea commitment, which provides companies with support for developing their operations – from both the environmental and business perspectives. When environmental protection becomes a business opportunity, things get rolling.

Co-operation with the foundation’s experts began about 18 months ago, when the experts on both sides set out to chart Adven’s key capabilities to improve the situation of the Baltic Sea. 

Savings and business opportunities as incentives

In many sectors, particularly in industry, environmental protection is often primarily perceived as a cost item.

“When it comes to taking the circular economy and the related environmental perspective in various industrial sectors forward, money talks,” Venhola points out.

“BSAG is not a charity organisation. We want to help companies turn ecofriendliness into profitable business,” Venhola stresses.

“When Adven’s experts bring their ideas to the table, customers listen to them, because the solutions are always backed by business insights and benefits.

Adven’s ‘Energy as a Service’ concept is also geared towards speeding up environmentally friendly reforms.

“Customers find it easier to take the step when they do not need to invest in a development project using their own balance sheet,” Venhola sums up.


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