Adven joins Baltic Sea conservation efforts with commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group

One of the Baltic Sea’s biggest problems is eutrophication, which is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. The Baltic Sea Action Group promotes concrete actions to help fix the problems faced by the Baltic Sea. Adven has made a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group to curb the nutrients that end up in the Baltic Sea by implementing and developing nutrient recovery in industry.

 “Nutrients should be captured and recycled. By recycling nutrients, for example Finland could be fully self-sufficient and wouldn’t need to import fertilizers. Adven has solutions precisely for nutrient recovery, for example,” says Mathias Bergman, Program Director for the Baltic Sea Action Group.

“Solutions aimed at improving water and energy efficiency, as well as recovering nutrients and many other raw materials, are currently our most important services right now. The Baltic Sea commitment is one way of highlighting the work we do,” says Juha Elo, Adven’s Sales Director for Finland. 

Returning nutrients to fields

“Our projects related to processing industrial wastewater are full-scope solutions that always include water re-use and energy recovery, in addition to nutrient recovery. Industrial companies can purchase this complete package as a service,” explains Adven’s Product Manager, Terho Saaristo.

Adven’s operations include processing the water used in industrial processes and recovering the nutrients it contains, and re-using the nutrients, for example, as fertilizer in fields. Through the commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group, Adven pledges to learn more about the latest nutrient-recovery methods and technical solutions and additionally aims to adopt the latest water purification technology. The parties that have pledged their commitment must meet strict criteria, and their commitments are followed up on.

“Adven is an excellent partner, as the company continuously collects data on best practices and applies these in its own projects with different customers. Our goal is, in fact, to connect parties that can take the entire concept forward on a number of fronts,” says Bergman.

An evaporation service carried out for the production plant of Finnamyl, which specializes in starch potato farming and processing, is one example of the realized solutions. Thanks to the plant, situated in Kokemäki, the amount of nitrogen released into the Baltic Sea via the Kokemäki River has been reduced, due to the recovery and re-use of the nutrients as agricultural fertilizer.


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