Biofuel production can be intensified – Biokraft AS and Adven Oy to start cooperation in Norway

Adven has closed an agreement with Biokraft AS regarding reject water processing at the Biokraft AS’s biogas plant being built close to Trondheim, in Skogn, Norway. When ready, the biogas plant in Skogn will be the biggest liquefied biogas production facility in the Nordics.

Adven will provide reject water handling for the biogas plant as a service, in other words Adven will take care of reject water handling, scheduled maintenance and remote management of the evaporation plant.

Biokraft AS’s ambition is to transform forestry industry waste, marine energy crops (seaweeds) and fishery waste into liquefied bio gas (LBG), thus reducing the waste ending up in the Atlantic Ocean. The effect is further amplified by Adven utilizing the reject waters produced in the biofuel process.

Adven will process 160 000 cubic meters of reject water per year

Biokraft AS’s biogas plant in Skogn, Norway will produce approximately 12,5 million cubic meters of liquefied biogas (LBG) per year. As a side stream the process produces approximately 160 000 cubic meters of reject water that will be turned into approximately 15 000 cubic meters of fertilizer concentrate and approximately145 000 cubic meters of clean water by Adven’s evaporator plant using mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) technology.

MVR evaporation is a remarkably more energy efficient way of removing water from concentrated liquids than traditional methods. MVR process evaporates as water app. 90 per cent of the volume from the reject water resulting in very nutrient-rich liquid that will be used as fertilizer. The clean water removed from the reject water can be re-used in the industrial process or discharged to the nature.

Adven’s service solution provides an off-balance sheet structure, where customer benefits from Adven’s experience in similar implementations, and has a predictable cost throughout the contract period.

Biokraft has in Adven a flexible partner operating multiple evaporation services, and a partner committed to further development of Biokraft’s processes. Adven’s emphasis in evaporation also enables the customers to vary their production volumes, as Adven has relocation possibilities for its evaporator fleet and can easily locate the evaporators between its customers for optimal performance.

“Liquid processing as a service is one of the growing industries for Adven. We are very happy to be taking these steps to expand our business to Norway with one of our flagship services. Efficient reject water handling is a common challenge for all biogas companies. Our service is a sustainable solution that brings the customers security and predictability, said Olavi Raunio, VP Sales, Adven Group.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Adven. They are a solid provider of expertise and superior solutions. Buying water treatment from Adven as a service at our plant in Skogn enables us to mitigate risk and reduce own investments, said Håvard Wollan”, CEO of Biokraft AS.

The contract with Biokraft AS is part of Adven’s strategy to expand its operations to new geographical areas. The evaporator plant is built as a Finnish-Norwegian joint operation.

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Adven, Olavi Raunio, VP Sales, Adven Group.
Tel. +358 40 194 4814

Biokraft AS, Håvard Wollan, CEO / Administrerende direktør
Tel. +47 92883383



Biokraft AS is currently building the world´s largest production plant for liquid biogas fuel. The plant, located at Skogn in central Norway, will initially use industrial wastes and have a capacity to produce fuel equalling approximately 12,5 million litres of fossil diesel. Biokraft is currently working on doubling the plant´s capacity. In the foreseeable future Biokraft is aiming to produce fuel based on resources from both forestry and marine plants.

Scandinavian Biogas and TrønderEnergi are the majority shareholders  in Biokraft AS.

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