A brilliant energy solution in SOK Corporation’s huge logistics center

Logistics center in Sipoo, Finland utilizes hybrid energy 

SOK Corporation’s logistics center in Sipoo, is one of the biggest investments in Finland and one of the largest cold warehouses in the Europe. It’s energy supply is exceptional both due to the size and the combination of various energy production methods. Energy supplier Adven believes hybrid energy models will become more and more general in the future.

Inex Partners Oy – a subsidiary of SOK – operates the Sipoo logistics center, and once ready in full, the center will be one of the biggest geoenergy users in Finland. By size it equals a total of about 600 houses heated and cooled by geoenergy. The center is used as a distribution and logistics hub of groceries and consumer goods, and it will be completed in full in 2018.  

Adven’s energy plant supplies energy for a vast consumer goods’ distribution center which was taken in use earlier. Now, energy supply expands to the new distribution center of groceries, as the first one of the total five stages is taken in use.

Geoenergy forms the basis of the energy production, bioenergy and a million liters’ heat accumulator secure the increasing demand during winter and peaks. Approximately half of the annual heating demand is covered by geoenergy and the other half by bioenergy.

  • Operational reliability is number one for us. If the groceries are ruined due to power shortage, losses are huge. The leading principle in the design has been securing the reliability of operations. Early in the beginning we made a substantial comparison between different energy options. Sustainability, low emissions and the cost of energy were also in the focus, says Juha Äijälä from SOK.  

From centralized energy production model to independent energy production

Real-estates’ energy solutions are no longer dimensioned based on peak and reserve but rather on the profiled energy use. This leads to a completely new way of energy production: energy is supplied right on time, just the required amount and in the right method. Buildings are designed independent and self-sufficient.

  • Buying energy as a service and utilizing hybrid energy methods is 2020’s. SOK Corporation takes the leap to the future already now. Real-estates are aimed to be self-sufficient in energy but on the other hand allocating own resources in energy production is no longer in customers’ focus. There is also continuously growing demand for renewable energy. Naturally, energy efficiency also creates cost efficiency, Teemu Klingberg from Adven evaluates.

Klingberg also anticipates that clever evaluation of energy needs will revolutionize building and construction of real-estates:

  • If the use of energy is planned efficiently, buildings can be built differently.


Additional information

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Olavi Raunio, Adven
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Inex Partners Oy
Inex Partners Oy is a fully-owned subsidiary of SOK Corporation whose main task is to provide warehousing and transportation services for the grocery and consumer goods chain of the S Group. Main locations are located in Espoo Kilo and Sipoo Bastukärr, Finland. www.inex.fi