Centralizing creates savings in energy costs of an industrial park

An industrial park, particularly fit for the needs of food industry, is being planned in Rajamäki, Finland. In addition to the manufacturer of alcoholic products Altia, already a half-dozen companies operate in the area, and new lots are zoned for business use. Adven produces steam for heating and for industrial processes in the area.

An industrial park is being planned in Rajamäki, Finland. Elsewhere equivalent parks are already common, but in Finland there are not too many yet. Thanks to the geared up infrastructure and a good location, Rajamäki industrial park offers a good starting point for new businesses.

Rajamäki industrial park is heated by a steam network. In addition to the heat production steam can also be used directly in industrial processes for instance in disinfection of tankers and in various distillations. 

Adven is a long-time partner of Altia and the producer and supplier of steam for the Rajamäki industrial park. Cooperation between the two companies is now complemented as the long term contract extension of steam supply has been signed. Earlier Adven was responsible for steam production, and now also steam supply.  

  • Altia wants to release resources in its own core business ie. production of alcohols. Every company that is part of the steam network benefits from this long-term contract as it enables transparent energy pricing. Locally produced steam minimizes losses thanks to the short pipelines, says Arto Tanskanen Real-estate Manager of Altia’s Rajamäki district.
  • Our long and fruitful cooperation now deepens. For Adven it is a privilege and a sign of confidence that Altia made an extended contract with us, says Sales Manager Teemu Klingberg.

Cost savings from collective use of energy  

Rajamäki steam plant produces 45 000 megawatts energy annually which equals the heating of about 3 000 town houses. On top of heating, energy in Altia’s case is also used in the production of millions of liters of alcohol products, that is 65 million liters in Rajamäki alone. Furthermore, Altia also produces technical ethanol products for instance geothermal liquids, absoluted spirits and various thinners for paint industry in their Rajamäki factory.

Besides Altia, also other companies currently operate in the Rajamäki industrial area. Adven will be responsible for the steam supply also for these companies. Centralized services deliver cost savings for everybody.

  • No matter the production method, energy is a fairly big expense item for any industrial company. The idea of the industrial park is that all the players benefit from the collective use of energy.  It is important that the energy prices are competitive, and high volumes have an impact on that. Shared resources is always a more cost efficient solution, says Klingberg.

Additional information:
Arto Tanskanen Real-estate Manager, Altia Oyj
tel. +358 40 123 9390

Olavi Raunio, SVP New IES Sales, Adven Group
Tel. +358 040 194 4814, olavi.raunio@adven.com


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Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Altia produces, markets, sells, imports and exports alcoholic beverages. In addition to the production, export and import of alcoholic beverages, the company’s business operations include industrial products and services. Sustainability is a crucial business factor for Altia. The company wants to enhance a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture. Altia’s net sales in 2015 were EUR 380.7 million and the company employs approximately 880 employees. www.altiagroup.com