MP Anna-Maja Henriksson, Managing Director Stefan Sjöberg from Mirka and Matti Viljo, CEO of Adven Group celebrated the opening of Adven's biogas plant in Jepua, Finland.  

Cooperation is a key for local industries success in Jepua, Finland  

One company needs energy, and another one has production by-product which is difficult to dispose. When this excess material is processed as bioenergy, everybody gains advantages. Energy company Adven encourages to copy-paste Jepua’s cooperation model also elsewhere. 

Grinding products manufacturer Mirka is one of the biggest energy users in Pohjanmaa, Finland. Mirka had an interest to convert its reserve energy plant from heavy fuel oil to biogas. Reserve energy plant is owned and operated by Adven. Adven also realized the modernization of the steam plant.

Jeppo Biogas produces biogas from the raw material, such as sludge sourced from local agricultural entities in Jepua area.  Jeppo Biogas transfers about one third of its production to the Adven’s energy plan and for Mirka’s own use in their production. The rest of the biogas is supplied to other local companies as well as used as bio fuel in vehicles.

  • We are known for appreciation of locality when looking for partners, says Technical Manager Jari Lemberg at Mirka.

The first investigations for biogas cooperation in the area was done already in 2002 but the project was put in hold as there was not enough raw material. As the local agriculture progressed also the raw material availability was secured.

Production cut outs would mean remarkable losses

For Mirka it is vital that the production process is seamless, and therefore reserve energy is emphasized. Adven’s energy plant starts its production, if main energy supply faces problems or production peaks require extra energy. Even biogas has its reserve fuel which in Mirka’s case is LPG.

  • For example, if two kilometers of grinding paper is in the drier and there was a problem in energy supply, that would mean quite big financial losses. We have production up and running 24/7 and production stoppages are not acceptable, says Lemberg.
  • Uptime is taken to peak performance. Even the renewed steam plant was taken in use in three stages to minimize the risk of energy cut out. Adven supplies Mirka’s reserve and peak energy as a service, says Adven’s Account Manager Jari Ojala.

Biogas is transferred to the plant in containers

In Finland biogas is typically transferred via pipes but Jeppo Biogas transfers biogas for Mika’s use in containers. By-products of local industries can be processed to biogas by rottening. Jeppo Biogas produces biogas from local food-processing plants’ and agriculture’s by-products. Even the residual is used as a fertilizer.

  • Low-emissioned biogas is so much more environmental friendly than heavy fuel oil. It is produced from waste flows of local agriculture, and now otherwise wasted raw-material is used in a clever manner, says Managing Director Kurt Stenvall from Jeppo Biogas.  

Additional information:

Adven, Matti Viljo, CEO, +358 40 575 0505, matti.viljo@adven.com

Mirka, Stefan Sjöberg, CEO, +40 8247385, stefan.sjoberg@mirka.com

Jeppo Biogas, Kurt Stenvall, CEO, +358 400 266318, kurt.stenvall@jeppokraft.fi


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