Determined efforts result in 37% smaller carbon footprint

Adven has systematically lowered the emissions of its plants since the start of the 2000s. As a result of systematic development work carried out last year, the carbon footprint has decreased by 37% compared to the situation in 2012.

The carbon dioxide emissions of countries in the European Union have grown in recent years, and the pressure to mitigate climate change is growing. Adven has conducted comprehensive development work related to greener energy production and reducing the carbon footprint. This development work has produced good results.

In 2017, carbon dioxide emissions were 37% smaller in relation to energy sold (MWh) compared to the situation in 2012. Significant progress was made again compared to the previous year, as the figure for 2016 was 30%.

The average carbon dioxide emissions of district heating in Finland in relation to energy sold amounted to 149 kgCO2/MWh in 2017 (Finnish Energy 2017). Adven’s corresponding figure for last year was 9% lower.

Emissions volumes are tracked according to energy sold (MWh), since the plant base grows and the volume of energy produced varies annually. The figures are therefore comparable, regardless of annual changes in production.

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