District heating in Siuntio and Veikkola is now produced by using biofuels

District heating plants in Siuntio and Veikkola located in the Southern Finland and operated by Adven, have started to use of biofuels instead of fossil fuels as their primary fuel during the spring. The old heating boilers have been renewed to pellet boilers offering a competitive and environmentally friendly heating option for the area.

Using biofuels decreases the need for fossil fuels and thus CO2 emissions significantly. In addition to its environmental-friendliness, the renewed plant solution also offers a cost-effective heating option for local inhabitants.

”During the past few years we have determinedly transferred our district heating plants to the use of biofuels and lightened the overall CO2 footprint”, says Ari Vanhanen from Adven. ”In our experience by using modern technologies and biofuels the carbon dioxide emissions of district heating plants can be more than 80% lower from the previous.”  

Pellets are used as the primary fuel in both energy plants. The plant operations are remotely controlled, and maintenance as well as fuel procurement is done by Adven.

Additional information:

Head of Country, Finland, Ari Vanhanen, ari.vanhanen@adven.com,
tel. +358 500 432 830

District Heating Manager, Antti Lumme, antti.lumme@adven.com,
+358 40 195 1491