Drilling of energy wells in DB Schenker's new logistics terminal in Vaasa, Finland begins this week 

DB Schenker builds a new logistics terminal in Vaasa Finland. The heating and cooling for the terminal will be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. The drilling of the energy wells will start this week. Energy system of the new logistics terminal will be completely CO2 neutral. In addition to low carbon dioxide emissions Adven’s solution will result in about 10- 15 percent savings in energy costs in comparison to the traditional energy concepts. 

Energy wells are about 300 meters deep, and they will be drilled under the terminal building. The heating and cooling is produced from the ground by using heat pumps. The electricity required by the heat pump is produced by renewable energy.

  • We want to offer our customers services logistics that are environmentally friendly. Our facilities count only for a few per cents of the carbon footprint, yet that is an area we can have a direct impact on. We wanted to build a CO2 neutral terminal, the energy supply of which is based on geo energy and water energy. In our headquarters in Vantaa we also use solar energy, says DB Schenker’s Real Estate Director Risto Lehtikangas and continues: Adven’s know-how in operating the facility assured us. They are a peak performing actor in their field and can make sure that the facility is used efficiently.

DB Schenker’s logistics terminal’s energy solution in Vaasa is invested and owned by Adven. In this model Adven is responsible for the design, dimensioning energy supply and profitability of the energy solution.

  • The most essential thing is to estimate and size the energy usage right. This way we can be sure of cost benefits. Since the investment is ours, it is in our balance sheet, not DB Schenker’s, says Timo Koljonen VP, Geoenergy, from Adven.

DB Schenker’s terminal in Nordic Logistics Center  of Vaasa will be ready during 2016. The facility area that requires heating is about 3200 squares. Cooling is mainly needed in the office area. The construction is done in two phases, first in the spring the geoenergy welds are drilled and then in the autumn, the energy center for the facility will be built, where the energy supply is done by using heat pumps.  Adven operates the heat, cold and system pressures of the terminal in remote control.

Additional information:

Adven, Timo Koljonen, VP, geoenergy
Tel. +358 50 4666999, timo.koljonen(at)adven.com

DB Schenker, Risto Lehtikangas, Real Estate Director Tel. +358 10 520 3100, risto.lehtikangas@dbschenker.com

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