Energy company Adven to improve the energy production of Valio’s Oulu plant

Published 14.4.2015 - Outi Pelkonen

Oulu 14 April 2015 – Energy company Adven and Valio renewed their energy production agreement leading to Adven building a new boiler plant of solid fuel with the power of 5 MW at Valio’s Maikkula plant in Oulu.

Adven has served as the energy supplier of the Oulu Valio plant since 1989. Currently, the process energy required by the plant is produced with heavy fuel oil, the production capacity of which will remain alongside the solid fuel plant for backup and peak use.

When the new solid fuel plant is completed, the process and heat energy required by the Valio Oulu plant will be produced with domestic bioenergy, woodchips and other wood-based fuel and milled peat. This will render the energy production considerably more environmentally-friendly in comparison to the current production based on fossil fuel. In addition, the use of local energy increases local employment in the fuel production and logistics chain.

Adven will be in charge of building the whole plant and producing process and heat energy for the needs of Valio for the duration of the agreement period. The Valio Oulu plant is undergoing an expansion project leading to an increased use of energy in the future. In addition, the investment will enable the use of steam in the plant process, thereby further diversifying the product range of the Oulu Valio plant.

- We at Valio, aim to increase the share of domestic fuel in heat production. Being environmentally-friendly, domestic, reliable and an employer are key values for us – all supported by this boiler investment. At the same time, we will be getting competitive heat energy in the long term with a stable price level, says Energy Manager Peter Fabritius of Valio.

- Adven has a significant role as an energy partner for Finnish industry, and the renewed agreement with Valio strengthens this position.  With the introduction of the new boiler plant, the plant’s energy production will be more environmentally-friendly and it will generate delivery reliability in the energy delivery that is needed by the plant. The new energy plant will supply Valio with competitive and environmentally-friendly local energy, says CEO Matti Viljo of Adven.

About Valio

Valio is Finland’s largest milk processor operating for the benefit of the Finnish milk production for 110 years. Valio and Valio Group’s producers employ tens of thousands of people around Finland, and Valio’s operations yield as income over one billion euros in Finland.

Adven as a company

Adven is a supplier of reliable, company-specific energy solutions and district heating operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Adven’s operations are based on comprehensive solutions tailored to customers’ needs, with the goal of producing and processing energy in a reliable and cost-efficient manner that minimises the environmental impact. Adven’s products include industrial steam and refrigeration, heating, cooling solutions, waste energy processing, gas and electricity. In 2013, Adven’s turnover was €160 million.