The expertise of an operations manager brings benefits across the entire life cycle of the customer relationship

Operations Manager Antti Koski of Adven develops new solutions to benefit customers throughout the contractual period. This versatile energy-industry expert continuously sees new development opportunities in the operations of its customers’ plants.

Adven’s operations manager Antti Koski knows about various types of boilers and heat pumps and factors that affect their maintenance. He is also an expert in assessing the condition of the equipment and in measuring technologies.

Adven’s plants typically produce steam and heat with various types of boilers and heat pumps. Refrigeration and cooling services are also part of the company’s solutions. Every energy solution is conceptualised from beginning to end based on the individual needs of the customer.

At customers’ plants, Koski is often in charge of, for instance, pressure equipment, chemicals and environmental permit matters.

“Operations managers are kind of jacks of all trades: we know a little something about everything,” says Koski.

“It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends, equipment and measuring technology. We gain a lot of valuable information through our in-house development team and co-operation partners about the latest developments in the energy industry,” says Koski.

Among Koski’s recent successes is a water-efficiency solution that was rolled out for a long-term customer. With the Recovery solution, a process that previously consumed massive volumes of water, was optimised so that cooling water is no longer a source of waste.

“The high water consumption was both a financial and ecological challenge for our customer. With the closed water cycle and the process heat separated from the water and used elsewhere, the same water can be used for cooling again and again. This produced major water savings, and valuable water is no longer wasted,” says a pleased Koski.

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