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Greener heating and cooling for shopping centres

Shopping centres make excellent geoenergy sites. They have a relatively high need for energy and generally provide a good framework for implementing geoenergy.

“Shopping centres cover relatively large areas. Geoenergy wells can be situated under parking lots or in indoor parking garages. At new sites, geoenergy wells can be placed entirely under the shopping centre even before it is built,” says Adven’s Timo Koljonen, VP, Geoenergy, Finland.

Geoenergy is a low-emissions and modern form of energy that can help steer shopping centres towards a greener future. Geoenergy can also positively influence property values and increase entrepreneurs’ interest in environmentally friendly business premises.

“Geoenergy is particularly well-suited to shopping centres due to their high energy requirements. With their high volume of visitors, shopping centres must have ventilation that complies with building codes. Both heating and cooling consume considerable energy, which further underscores the importance of the solution’s environmental soundness,” says Koljonen. The condensation heat produced by the refrigeration equipment used in grocery stores can also often be used to heat the premises.

Adven’s energy solutions are always a full-scope service.

Adven’s geoenergy service is a cost-effective solution for both the property owners and for companies who operate on the premises.

“We don’t sell equipment – we take care of the overall investment, covering all responsibilities, and we provide energy as a service. In practice, we develop energy structures, including geoenergy wells and energy centres, for customers’ properties, and we draw up an energy delivery agreement with them.”

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