The largest geoenergy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Citycon’s Lippulaiva

The largest geothermal heating and cooling energy plant in Europe for a commercial building is being built under Lippulaiva. Beneath the shopping centre, 170 wells extending to a depth of approximately 300 m have been drilled. The energy plant will generate carbon-free energy to meet the shopping centre’s entire heating and cooling needs. Adven is responsible for realizing the geothermal heating and cooling facility, and the company produces energy to Citycon, which owns Lippulaiva.

“The geothermal heating and cooling facility will allow Citycon to reach its sustainability targets, but also make the price of energy more predictable, thus keeping the maintenance costs of Lippulaiva manageable,” says Citycon´s Chief Development Officer Erik Lennhammar.

Construction of the geothermal energy plant began in spring 2017 and the work has progressed considerably.

“The wells have now mostly been drilled and work corresponding to around 60% of the total investment in the energy plant has been completed. The drilling revealed that the bedrock is of better quality than the preliminary simulations estimated. The energy generated by the facility will meet mostly the shopping centre’s needs and possibly some of those of the planned residential units nearby,” Timo Koljonen, Vice President Geoenergy at Adven, says.

The new Lippulaiva will open in spring 2022. The leasable area of Lippulaiva will be 44,000 square metres and it will house approximately 80 retailers and services. The shopping centre will be visited by an estimated eight million customers annually. 


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